BG5 Business Institute

Special Programs


Special Programs

Explore different aspects of BG5 personally and professionally through our workshops, mini courses, discussions, lectures and special programs. Whether you are new to BG5 or you are a seasoned professional, these programs offer ways to learn more and deepen your knowledge about the career and business aspects of the Human Design System.

Here are just a few examples of the Special Programs we offer....

BG5 Community Connection
    Join us each month to be inspired and empowered through the BG5 Community Discussion
    These discussions are designed to...
    * Get to know each other and connect with like-minded BG5 Enthusiasts
    * Real life stories of how BG5 is making a difference in the world both personally & professionally
    * Bringing aspects of the of BG5 16 Success Codes to life through personal examples
    * Support through the challenges of the changing times we are in
    * And More 

BG5 Workshops, Lectures & Mini-Courses
    Learn deeper nuances of BG5 and the BG5 16 Success Codes

    Open discussions on BG5 topics to allow the different aspects of BG5 to come alive through living example.
    We invite you to join the discussion and share your own unique perspective to learn from each other.

Business Building Workshops
    How can you market and build your business through authentically being you.
    We invite you to get support, insights and inspiration from BG5 Consultants and Business Experts.

The "Art" of BG5 Practice Sessions - For BG5 Consultants & Students Only
    Practice delivering BG5 Sessions and learn tip & tricks from seasoned BG5 Consultants

Ongoing Support for Advance Certification Course Students & Consultants
    Receive ongoing support for the following Advanced Certifications:
      * OC16 Large Business Consulting Certification
      * BG5 Cycles Certification
      * BG5 Profit Potential Certification

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