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Theme of the Day: Trait of Social Needs, 19.3 - Dedication

Trait 19 - Approach

Trait of Social Needs - Fuel for our Social Needs - Wanting

That all things interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach. The fuel of the sensitivity process. The source that drives all revolutions.

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Life Work Theme of: The Way

Purpose fulfilled through Transformation

This Trait is part of the Strength of Resources. Being Sensitive to the needs of others, linking Drive & Stamina (Trait 19) to Emotional Intelligence (Trait 49). Triat 19 is part of the Tribal Will (Ego) Circuit with the keynote of support.

Trait 19 fuels two essential human mandates: the need to have access to basic resources like food and shelter, and the need for spirit. These mandates set us up to interact or bond with others in specific ways. When everyone has enough to eat, a place to live and a god to worship, we experience life as one healthy community, supporting each other and making our unique contribution to the whole. When there is want or need or great inequality in our tribe, communal support breaks down and nothing works. We are here to be alert and sensitive to which resources are being withheld from our family, community and eventually the global community. We bring others to an awareness of what resources are needed for everyone to survive, as well as thrive and achieve their personal or communal potential. The way we go about this depends on the specific line(s) defined in our chart, but the process usually requires enticing or bargaining with the people or institutions who share our principles, and possess or control what is needed. We know what is needed, and look to Trait 49 to fulfill those needs. The consequences of turning the  pressure of Drive & Stamina inward are experienced as oversensitivity, an addiction to being needed, or personal neediness as in "Doesn't anyone care about me? When will I get my needs met?"

Quality 3 - Dedication
Receptivity to approach can only be maintained through vigilance.

Elevation: The natural ease with which communion is maintained. Sensitivity and ease fueled by acceptance by others.

Challenge: A tendency to moodiness that may lead to carelessness. The need to be wanted hampered by oversensitivity.

The Theme of the Day reflects the neutrino influence on humanity as we move through the Traits and Qualities of the yearly cycle. These daily themes are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Decision-Making Strategy, may become a part of your experience as well.

These themes and qualities may also be found in your personal Career Design. Following the BG5 Live Theme of the Day is a great way understand deeper aspects of ourselves and others.

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