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Becoming a BG5 Consultant

The mission of a Certified BG5 Consultant is to empower people to recognize and use their unique gifts and talents in their careers and their lives. We spend a third of our lives working, and it’s important that we learn how to find true satisfaction and success in our careers and businesses. BG5™ Career & Business Consultants are trained to provide a specific set of tools to guide individuals to find their true work and material abundance, and to help businesses create financial success in an environment that is satisfying for employees and management alike.

There are many different levels to Base Group 5 (BG5™) Career Design Analysis that cover individuals, solo enterprises, partnerships, small businesses, and large businesses and groups. The primary component is the BG5™ Success Code, which is unique and specific to each individual, is based on a revolutionary and proprietary mapping software, The BG5™ Success Code defines a variety of key areas that serve the individual in search of a career, as well as businesses in search of the perfect employees, management and executive staff to fit their needs. Here is a summary of what a Certified BG5 Consultant offers:

You will help your clients with:

Career Type
Your Career Type shows you how you’re designed to express yourself in business world. Understanding your Type allows you to live out the purpose of your unique Career Design, and work with it rather than resist it. While there are millions of variations of Career Designs, these are the core Career Types:

* When they have freedom to create, Innovators bring originality and inspiration forward.
Express Builder
* When their work is satisfying, Express Builders quickly and efficiently bring an inspiration into reality.
Classic Builder
* When their work is satisfying, Classic Builders perfect and sustain the process of bringing inspiration into form.
* When recognized, Advisors excel at organizing and leading individuals, groups and systems.
* When in the right environment, Evaluators provide an objective assessment of people, communities and businesses.

Personal Interaction
How are you here to express yourself in the world? Your Personal Interaction is a function of your Career Type. It’s the mechanism that allows you to contribute your energy in a productive and unique way to the world around you.

Decision Making Strategy
How do you make decisions that work for you? Your Decision Making Strategy is your best way to make trustworthy decisions that will lead you correctly down your unique path through the business world.

Life Theme
Are your decisions allowing you to express your unique gifts? Your Life Theme is a simple but profound signpost that alerts you to whether or not you are staying on track.

How do you understand what you’re taking in from the world around you? You’re designed to digest and process information in a specific way. You need to be able to integrate what goes on around you in your own way, so that your unique gifts can be utilized.

Environment Style

What settings do you operate best in? The environment in which you work also supports your success. You may work best in one particular type of environment or multiple types of environments.

Business Skills

What talents do you bring to the table? There are 12 Business Skills in the BG5™ Success Code that are the most important for any career or business endeavor. You have a specific skill set that you bring to the work you do.

Team and Small Business Attributes

What is your role in a group? These 12 Business Skills also operate in a specific way when you’re in a working group or small business. The BG5™ Success Code provides an in-depth and detailed map that demonstrates what you bring to the group, and what may be missing from the mix.

The Nine Functions

How do you Function best in the workplace? There are Nine basic Functions within The BG5™ Success Code. Each one does a different job, and provides specific Characteristics that allow you to express yourself in your work. Your BG5™ Success Code defines the Functions that provide your most consistent strengths.

What are the aspects of the business world that take you off track, that distract you and waste your energy and time? Your BG5™ Success Code details the areas where you’re not designed to place your focus – areas that are better left alone or left for others to manage. Your Shadows/Distractions, however, are also aspects of life that are very interesting, if not fascinating, for you. There are lessons for you in these areas of Distraction, where ultimately you can develop practical wisdom.

Public Role

How do others view you? One of the primary aspects of your BG5™ Success Code, along with your Career Type, is the way in which others relate to you. You have a perfect role that you are here to express, and when you do, you manifest your purpose in the world.

Life Work

What are you here to contribute to the world? When you empower your skills and talents in the world, you manifest your life purpose. The overall theme of your purpose, and the unique contribution you are here to make, has signposts that help you align to your true career path. We’ll show you the map, but only you can discover where that path will take you.

General Thematics, Strengths and Contributions, Traits and Qualities

What is the totality of you? Your gifts represent a unique composite of Strengths, Contributions, Characteristics and Qualities that only you can bring to the world. The detailed map of your BG5™ Success Code allows you to fully integrate, understand and utilize the synergy of talents that you bring to any enterprise.

Large Business and Group Strengths

Do you belong in large groups or are you better suited to smaller enterprises?

The BG5™ Success Code also provides solutions for businesses and groups with more than 5 people. Are you part of the potential for that sought after mix of satisfied, creative, loyal and enthusiastic individuals that sustain a successful large business or organization?

The world around us is changing in so many ways, and outdated methods of working in that world can’t serve us. BG5 Consultants, using the science of BG5™, provides practical tools that allow individuals and businesses to grow and evolve in this new world. As a BG5 Consultant you will make the world a better place for us all to live.

To experience your BG5™ Success Code you can run a free sample report, schedule a BG5™ Career Design Analysis or Overview, or BG5™ Business Analysis Consultation. Visit our BG5™ Consultants page for a full listing of Certified BG5™ Consultants worldwide. If you have additional questions, please send an email to To learn how to offer these services to your clients visit the Courses area of our website.