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BG5® Success Code

The easiest way to describe the BG5® Success Code is to say that it’s like a cross between the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (your personality) and the Genotype (your genetic identity).

We all have psychological preferences in terms of how we perceive the world and make decisions, as well as a specific way that our genetics operate, that make each of us unique. We’ve found through empirical testing that the BG5™ Success Code is an accurate coding and synthesis of both our conscious (Personality) and unconscious (DNA) levels. Your BG5™ Success Code removes the mystery of why certain things in your life work the way they do, and why some things don’t work the way you think they should. It gives you objective genetic information about who you are designed to be.

The BG5 Career Design System is the career and business methodology of The Science of Differentiation. 

This revolutionary science was developed by Ra Uru Hu, who then embarked on a 25 year journey to refine and experiment with this information, out in the real world, in order to prove its empirical validity. He worked with many in the scientific field who were so impressed by this science that they too incorporated it into their life’s work, and dedicated themselves to validating its accuracy.

Contrary to what society has taught us, each of us is meant to be different from everyone else.

Now we can see and capitalize on those differences. We’re happiest and the most satisfied when our inherent gifts and talents are expressed in our own unique way. Understanding this can lift a great weight from our shoulders. How often have we compared ourselves to someone else? How often as children were we compared to someone else by a parent, teacher or peer? Comparing ourselves to others creates an impression within that it’s not okay to be who we are. When we add that to the conditioning of our early years, we find ourselves trying to change or adapt how we act to suit others, which further distances us from the person we were born to be.

8 Million People Have Tried It; Could It Work for You?

The Science of Differentiation and the methodology behind The BG5® Success Code is complex, and includes components of ancient wisdom systems and Physics.

Over the last 75 years, the mathematical correlation between the structure of the hexagrams of the I’Ching and the structure of our Genetic Code has been documented. This correlation defines both the fundamental abstract and physical components of a human being. In addition, a particle called the Neutrino, which is the least understood sub-atomic particle that Physics now knows to exist, and the Magnetic Monopole, the mechanics of which have been recently demonstrated through scientific experimentation, each play a significant role. We now have proof of, and a deeper understanding of, two of the prime conditioning factors of our mental and physical consciousness.

The scientific community has already made great strides defining what the Science of Differentiation terms “genetic continuity,” or the relationship of each aspect of our mental and physical consciousness to the overall totality of who we each uniquely are.

Science has discovered correlations between our nervous system and our brain; between our emotions and our intelligence; and even between our own energy field and the overall field of energy around us. New research has also led to a critical revaluation of ancient wisdoms long ignored or rejected because of their assumed incompatibility with science. And there’s a new movement in the world bringing together individuals of different nationalities, professions, and philosophical or spiritual preferences, who share in the view that there’s a fundamental unity underlying all of humanity and the world.

The Science of Differentiation is at the forefront in providing a revolutionary view of how to work with this synthesis of old and new in a practical and timely way.

And most importantly, based on its findings, we now have over 28 years of empirical evidence, and a statistical database gathered through surveying almost 8 million individuals.

There are many types of Personality tests available that require you to answer a long series of questions. The answers to these questions are subjective, and can be skewed consciously or unconsciously depending on the test taker. And there is genetic testing available that can only be interpreted by the scientific or medical community – and only within a narrow context. The Science of Differentiation has broken free from both of these molds. To determine your BG5™ Success Code we ask you only one question – what is the date, time and place you were born.

These 3 facts give us the necessary coordinates to determine your BG5™ Success Code. Working with this method for almost 3 decades now, we have found that it gives us objective and accurate information that details who you were born to be, both at a conscious and an unconscious level. This is a revolutionary methodology. Never before have we been able to see someone so clearly and precisely at both of these levels. And from this method, based on years of experience and refinement, we’ve developed practical tools that you can use everyday in your life, your relationships and your career.

The Science of Differentiation, and the BG5® Success Code, has yet to be proven in a laboratory, but we now have almost 3 decades of experimentation, with a lot that science has already correlated, and a lot more yet to be revealed. Sometimes there are concepts that just have to be taken on faith, and can’t be proven by anyone other than yourself. Take the examples of Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Edison – where did their genius come from, and how did they know what they knew was true before it was proven?

We aren’t asking you to believe us. We’re simply making available to you a methodology we now have so much experience with, that we’re confident you too will find it beneficial for your life.