BG5 Business Institute

Course Refund Policy

Course Registration
We offer two options when registering for a course:

Option 1) Register one semester at a time
Option 2) Register with a package

When registering for a course with Option 1 or Option 2, payment in full is expected at the time of registration. Payment plans are a courtesy to our students with a monthly payment plan agreement. Monthly payment plans begin upon registration regardless of the course start date.

The courses purchased in a package come with items associated with a cost. These are released as the course progresses.

If a student would like to withdraw from a course, they should contact to make the request. A student can withdraw or transfer to another instructor’s course at any time; however, withdrawals made after the third class during a semester will result in no refund or loss of any credit. Requests to withdraw must be made before the third class and in writing to the office email. If a student decides to withdraw from a course(s), the BG5BI administrator will review the student’s account to determine cost recovery for any items or classes received to date.

Please read our additional refund policy details below:

* Depending upon the circumstances, a credit may be left on the student account if the student is anticipating registering for a future course offering.
* Once a student is ready to use their credit, they should email office@bg5businessinstiute to enroll in a new course.
* The student must request to hold credit for future courses before the third class in writing, or the student forfeits their credit.
* A $250 administrative processing fee is required.

* A student may request a transfer from the course and semester they are enrolled into a future course and semester or another course and semester with a different instructor.
* The student must make this request before the third class in writing, or the student forfeits their transfer opportunity.
* A $250 administrative processing fee is required.


* Refund requests must be made in writing before the third class to receive a refund.
* Monthly payments generally do not qualify for a refund unless they have been paid in advance of the course and semester starting.
* A $250 administrative processing fee is required.
* Any purchased toolkits will be removed from the students’ Subscriptions without a refund.
* All digital products (toolkits, videos, reference manuals, etc.) are non-refundable.

* Once you purchase the BG5 License and software there are no refunds for the course.

Administration Fee
* BG5BI reserves the right to charge a non-refundable administration processing fee for all course withdrawal requests, including credits, transfers, and refunds.