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Being You in Business - First Class Free Replay

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The "Being You in Business" semester 1 course introduces the basics of your Type and Decision-Making process in the BG5 Career Design System. This course serves as a perfect low-cost entry point into the world of BG5, further promoting the BG5BI initiative.

This interactive, five-part workshop series introduces newcomers to BG5 Career Design. Each session provides a focused exploration of the different Career Types. 

You will discover the unique aspects of Builder, Advisor, Initiator, and Evaluator Career Types, including insightful Q&A sessions to clarify any uncertainties. This course provides genetically aligned decision-making tools and understanding to harness your potential and thrive in your career path. Sign up today and begin your journey toward being the best version of yourself and making better decisions in your career and business.

Note: This Special Program is not eligible for IACET CEUs. View the course refund policy before purchasing this course. For translation options, inquire at Each class is approximately 90-120 minutes in length depending on the number of participants. There are 6 classes total.