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Career Type: Advisor

Advisors (Projectors) are approximately 21% of the population and they are here to 'lead and guide' the process and help direct the energy of the Builders and work best one-on-one. They have a keen insight and very focused energy that allows them to clearly see what the Builders can't and that is how to make the most effective use of their energy. This is the 'advice' and knowledge they have to share but it isn't always well accepted...

In order for Advisors to have their guidance and advice 'heard', they first need to be 'recognized' as one who can guide and advise and then be 'invited' to share their wisdom. This is when they'll have the greatest effect on others. If they don't have this 'opening' to deliver their wisdom, it will fall on deaf ears and be wasted energy. 

Keys to being an Advisor and experiencing success in life:

"Wait for Recognition and an Invitation"

Advisors are naturals at mastering systems and the best way for them to do this is to follow their curiosity and whatever it is that interests them in life. Trusting this process of following their unique decision-making strategy (Advisors have the most different ways of making decisions of all the types) will lead them to exactly what they need to focus on that they'll need in the future. As they follow their curiosity, they naturally want to share what they're learning spreading the word about the subject and becoming recognized as an expert. This is when the invitations to share their wisdom start to show up.

Since Advisors are big picture and future oriented and see things that others don't they are often waiting for others to catch up to them. Relaxing into this way of being (observing) will allow them to be ready with their sage advice when the timing is right. It can take a lot of patience to wait and it can also be relieving to know that they don't have to (actually can't ) do anything else that would be more effective than waiting.


Bitterness | Success

It can be challenging to be able to 'see' what needs to be done and want to offer your valuable advice to others and yet not be heard. Wondering why no one is taking your advice, or being told that you're being 'bossy' or having your advice ignored or rejected can feel awful, be confusing and lead to bitterness. Consider this, the Advisor's energy is penetrating and when requested, it's great but when it is not requested it can feel really bad.

"The Advisor's Energy is kind of like a surgeon. Surgery is a miraculous, wonderful life saving gift that can solve issues that nothing else can solve when you request surgery and it's done, it's life changing, wonderful. When surgery is forced upon you when you don't request it, that's literally a horror movie." ~ Cameron Huff, Emotional Advisor

Taking your time to follow your interests and master the systems you're interested in allows you to relax and enjoy yourself and eventually be recognized by others as someone who can guide and 'advise' others in that system. This is what leads to your success.

Advisors in the Workplace

Advisors are here to lead and guide the process and the people and are most effective one-on-one. They are not here to 'do the doing' as they don't have the consistent energy resource of the Builders. They are the masters of systems and know how they work and how to guide others through them. They are great at future planning and are able to see the bigger picture and how best to utilize the energy of small or large groups and work best when they can advise each person in the group individually. If you have an Advisor leading, guiding or running your business, you're fortunate as they can see how to best utilize the energy of others.

...The ideal as a chain of command is that ‘a Projector’ asks a ‘Generator’ if they think that this may be a good direction for everybody to work in. The ‘Generator’ agrees and then the ‘Generator’ with their enveloping aura takes everybody in, very open, and lets everybody know the news. There are ways to move information in which it is very, very effective and you don’t end up with resistance, you don’t end up with projections that distort the possibility of what understanding or acting on the information can bring.”  ~ Ra Uru Hu

Best use of the Advisor's Energy

Since the Advisor's energy is inconsistent, they really need the flexibility to rest when they feel the need. They are often much more efficient in how they get work done because they have to conserve their energy so they work in bursts when they have the energy. They can get more done than others in a shorter period of time. Napping is a great practice for them as their ability to sleep at night will vary as well. Some nights they may only get a few hours 

"I can take in large amount of energy to read what is happening and need to release it by napping or resting, or any practice that cultivates stillness. Following my decision-making strategy of waiting to be recognized and invited used to make me bitter and now I recognize what is mine to do and experience it as an elegant unfolding of mystery." ~Suzanne Anderson, Mental Advisor

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Shelley Finerty is a Certified BG5 Professional and has 30+ years of experience working in the areas of IT, Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Development along with an avid interest in what makes us human having studied NLP, Leadership, Mindfulness, Yoga, energy work, plant medicine, natural healing methods, trauma and recovery. She now works with the BG5 Business Institute managing Marketing and Innovation.