BG5 Business Institute

BG5 Turned my Business Right Side UP!

Learning that I was a BG5 Mental Advisor turned my business the right way up. I had founded my wellness business and private practice as a Psychotherapist & Remedial Massage Therapist almost a decade earlier. At the time I was experiencing hand and body pain as a result of the massaging but because I was very sought after, I felt too scared to let it go as a service I provided. I knew in my heart that it wasn’t quite right for me but I struggled to give myself the permission I needed to pivot away from it and focus my attention in the areas that were truly pulling my energy and interest. 

When a stumbled upon an online course taught by a BG5 Certified Consultant I was still tossing and turning about what decision to make and trying to create some direction for myself and a plan forward. But nothing was inspiring me and I felt stuck and confused and resigned in a sense, to just doing what I was already doing. 

When I learned in that course that I was a BG5 Mental Advisor, I experienced a full bodied sensation that signalled to me something very pivotal was happening. Learning that my Decision Making Strategy is to Wait For Recognition and Invitation, was the most profound yet the most logical instruction I had ever been given. 

In the moment of receiving this information, my life was forever changed. I understood exactly why I was wanting to instinctively move away from massage & focus more on creating coaching content & one on one time with my clients in mentoring and coaching sessions. Massage was doing the doing and without a defined motor like the incredible builders around me, I just didn’t have the energy to provide this type of service. 

As I learned how Advisors run out of energy and need to replenish it and do not suit long days of work structured in big blocks as in the traditional 9 to 5 workday, I saw my own intuitive ideals reflected back to me. I had always known that I did not desire a 9 to 5 work role and that was a large part of why I had always dreamt of having my own business. I had always desired to be my own boss so that I could find a balance between work, rest and play. 

I also understood now, how hard I had pushed myself to keep up with speed at which others completed tasks around me and how much they got done, compared to me and the shame I felt around this, as though there was something wrong with me. 

I recall a weekend when a colleague and I had been hired to work at a girl’s weekend away. I was hired to massage and she was hired to provide guidance sessions. I remember looking up from my outdoor massage area to see her sitting in a high backed chair speaking to her client while I massaged mine and I felt a feeling in my body which I now know was bitterness. Learning that an Advisor’s sign posts are feelings of success or bitterness was confirmation for me that I had in my own way, known all along what was correct for me, I just didn’t have the logical language for it, until now. 

To understand I am an Advisor is to recognize that my auric field creates a connection with everyone and everything around me. This connection extends into agreements between myself and others. It is an energetic dance that is both powerful and uplifting. Learning I am an Advisor is recognition in itself. Learning this has given me a personal sense of pride in my ability to share deep wisdom with others as I recognize their true strengths, gifts and potentials. It has also given me parameters that hold me accountable to the way in which I respect and treat others. It is so clear to me now that offering my wisdom when I haven’t been invited is intrusive and unwelcome. This alone, has changed the way in which I enter into relationship and communication with everyone in my life, not just my clients, colleagues but also my friends and family.  

I laugh when I work with Advisors now, and joke that we are the great ‘know it all’s’ of the planet! We have so much wisdom to share yet if we don’t understand that we must wait for recognition and invitation to share that wisdom, not only is it in a sense wasted, it is in fact, rejected. And this rejection can follow an Advisor throughout our lifetime, creating so many painful memories in which we did not feel seen or valued. My heart has opened wide since understanding we all make sense when we see each other through our designs instead of judging one another for our differences. 

Learning I’m an Advisor has allowed me to claim my place on the planet with ease and grace, and a fair amount of humour too. I no longer massage, and have pivoted my business and my career into embracing fully my unique auric field and my role here to recognize others, and myself. 

I am learning how to embrace waiting and love that I can now put words to something so deeply personal, this state of seeing so much in others, and knowing that I can hold this information loosely until the time is right and someone sees me as I am and invites me to share my gold. It also has allowed me to truly honour this unique relationship in that I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. This has increased my appreciation of my aligned connections tenfold. 

Studying BG5 and applying this information as a tool in which I can understand myself and others more clearly, has changed my personal and professional life for the better and I feel a deep gratitude to the team, instructors and consultants who have helped me embrace this new level of success.

Leanna McNeil,  is a Mental Advisor and BG5 Student working on her Consultant Certification. She is also a class assistant and provides social media support for the BG5BI.