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Myth, Mayhem and Manifesting Part 2 - Welcome to the Initiator Design

Anyone can manifest through alignment. Yet manifesting through the Initiator Design is another story altogether.

I say this often because so many people wish they were Manifestor/Initiators. Being an Initiator is not what most people imagine it to be. It is not that glamorous, and an Initiator's initiating is often not for personal gain.

The Myth of the Initiator

Folks are often introduced to BG5 through their Career Type. Though there are several essential elements needed to understand how we are perfectly Designed, Auric Type is often addressed first because it clearly defines the protocol of our Decision Making Strategy. We each have a built in protocol to follow that enables us to make decisions about what fits or doesn’t.

It’s not so much what you decide, it’s following the protocol that matters.

And even more importantly, each Auric Type operates in coordinated sequence of protocols with each other.

As you may know, BG5 stands for Base Group 5 which describes the basic structure of small familial or work related teams. There are usually several different Auric Types in a small group. Small groups can have healthy advantages when members know each other’s protocols of Decision Making.

These protocols, commonly called energy mechanics, give some understanding of what each Type does and how Types actually operate as a unit. Auric Types need each other. We don’t operate alone.

Mayhem, the impact of the Initiator's aura

In the natural coordinated sequences of energy mechanics, the Initiator's task is to “open the door”. When I first came to Human Design and BG5, I heard a quote from Ra, “ I opened the door because I could”. This is profound in my experiment of being an Initiator. No other Auric Type can open the door. In the sequences of Auric interactions, the Initiator has to make the first move.

If you want to go somewhere in your car, you have to open the door first, then get in for the ride. That’s a simple, common protocol but nothing is going to happen until you’re inside the vehicle. Operating in synch with energy mechanics, established through your Auric Type, gets you into your Design vehicle.

When we are unaware of which Career Type does what, things get complicated and messy. The beauty and value of BG5 Career Assessment is in offering a clear protocol to follow that settles you back into alignment with the energy mechanics of your Design.

Initiator energy is disruptive for better or worse.

In the business world, people use terms like, startups, innovation, disruptive businesses, change makers.

An Initiator by Design does each of these things in our personal, immediate environment and beyond.

We activate creative momentum for other Types.

Because of our Auric density, we move energy, whether we are intending to or not. Consider throwing a pebble in a pond. We can see the response in the water. Small waves ripple out around the entry point of the pebble. Not only that, but the pebble continues making waves under the surface of the water that are not always visible. An Initiator is always co-creating with other Types.

"Initiators are here to make waves, literally, to change the direction and frequency of energy for humanity. It’s a magical task when an Initiator follows protocol."

It is ultimately essential to understand the purpose of this impactful auric energy. Then, following the energy mechanics makes sense to everybody around us on a nonverbal level.

An Initiator's Auric energy has more density than the other types, on purpose. People feel us at none verbal levels. Our energy is imposing and, depending on how well we’re following our specific protocol, we effect the comfort level of people near us.

If you re-read Part 1 of this series and do the little experiment with the glass, you can feel the effect we have. You feel us. We feel you too. It is confusing, defeating and heartbreaking for many Innovators to come up against constant resistance to the ripples we make in the energy field. We are often accused of being overpowering or insensitive. We often try to adapt our personality to be less imposing or in more control. But that makes a traumatic mess too. The irony is that Innovators are designed to be extremely sensitive.

Manifesting, the protocol of the Innovator Design

So here is the basic protocol.

Our Decision Making Strategy is to inform before moving into action so there is less resistance to the “pebble” as it enters the pond of human experience.

Consider the experience of driving on the freeway and another car is moving in and out of lanes without signaling. It can be surprising, annoying and sometimes threatening to our safety. Innovators change lanes often because we see what’s coming into form. We are moved by our purpose to bring what’s next into our environment.

"When we signal before changing lanes we are less likely to get “killed as a messenger” for initiating change."

Initiators by Design do not have consistent energy, so we are energetically unpredictable. Humans don’t like unpredictability.

"Informing is our protection. Informing breaks the tension of uncertainty for us and everyone around us."

We have sensitive radar for energy that is emerging into form. The density of an Initiator's Aura protects a delicate creative potential that we bring in for others. A seed has a protective shell round the life force inside it. We seed the future when we are moved by elements coming into our field, then we move the energy forward by speaking, signaling, that the energy is about to change in the field.

Informing is our protection from the daunting experience of resistance to uncertainty.

Initiators can’t do anything about being impactful. That’s their purpose. Yet by informing, signaling as we change lanes, we can reduce the tension around change.

For example, if someone comes into your home and moves your favorite chair, you will likely have some resistance to the move even if you like the new placement. The Monkey Mind has a field day when you don’t understand what, why etc. If there’s information before moving the chair, you can anticipate a change. Innovators can head off the resistance by commenting something simple like, “Hey, it would be nice to have your chair by the window”. You have initiated a possibility, then others can move the chair as they wish.

Initiators initiate that’s all. We don’t have to move the furniture. The other Auric Types take it from there.

It’s also important to recognize that some things get initiated under the surface like the pebble dropping in the pond. Initiators are sensitive to what’s coming, but we can’t control when or who takes up those possibilities. Once the door is opened, it stays open, the right people will meet it at the right time.

It is vital for Initiators by Design to understand their inner sensitivity even while the outer world may perceive you as insensitive. Remember the other Types need us. Following your Design protocol of being moved and speaking out loud as you move, frees you to be at peace with your incredible gift.


Anna Murphy is devoted to life-long learning of Human Design through the BG5 Business Institute. She is a Coach, pending Certification as a BG5 Consultant, an Instructor in Training, an assistant in the BG5 Certification Program and is a regular panelist on BG5 Live. She retired from private practice as a Psychotherapist with 4 decades of experience in the field of Psychology and Alternative Health Education. She is a 2/4 Initiator and recently founded TIP, “The Initiator Project”.

For more information you may contact her at