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Myth, Mayhem and Manifesting: How to Achieve Peace as an Initiator

Myth, Mayhem and Manifesting:

How to Achieve Peace as an Initiator

An Initiator can be easily misunderstood unless you know how the Initiator Design really functions.

If you are an Initiator and want to have a positive impact in the world and want to learn more about your Design, or if you have an Initiator in your life and you would like to understand the relationship between the Initiator and the other BG5 Career Types, then please watch the replay of our BG5 Live Webinar Discussion.

The Myth of the Initiator

Anyone can manifest through alignment. Yet manifesting through the Initiator Design is another story altogether.

Many people want to be a Manifestor/Initiator type. They hear that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can make things happen. You don’t have to ask permission. You can start something without doing all the work.

But that’s not quite so.

There are a few things to consider about being an Initiator…
It’s not what you think.

It can hurt.
It can be work.
It can be lonely.
…Unless you surrender to the mechanics of your Design.
Only then can you experience…

But innovating, initiating and manifesting still does not come from what you think. It comes from surrender just like the other Design Types.

Mayhem, the impact of the Innovator’s Aura

The Intiator's aura has been described as dense. In the work place and relationships, Initiators can be experienced by others as, imposing, controlling, pushy. The Initiator's personal experience is often the opposite, with feelings of anger about being minimized, controlled and unwanted.

So, what’s going on here?

To understand more about auric density, you are welcome to try a simple experiment. If you fill a sink or dish pan with at least 8 inches of water, then slowly lower an empty glass bottom first into the water, the glass will displace the water until it breaks the surface tension. This is the impact the Initiator's aura has on others. There is no malice, just physical mechanics. Their dense aura displaces or moves energy around. They can’t help it. And it can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable.

There is great pain for Initiators and the people around them when they operate without understanding that they have this impact of moving energy around. The negative effects are experienced by Initiators as constant resistance and rejection. They often try to compensate by working harder, being more pleasant, less powerful, and for many, they give up on offering their gifts to a world. Everyone misses out. All the types lose. Yet there is a way to break this surface tension and live cohesively in peace.

Repeat the little experiment above. This time instead of pushing the bottom of the glass into the water first, tip the glass slightly to the side. The top edge of the glass breaks the surface tension of the water with less resistance. Then the water easily surrounds and embraces the glass much like the aura of a Builder. The glass can be guided into place by the focused presence of the Advisor’s aura. And the overall process can be assessed from above through the unique witnessing of the Evaluator. It’s possible through this experiment to see how our Designs interact with each other. We need each other to help us operate correctly.

The strategy of “tipping” others off by providing simple information about your movements, helps ease the auric tension around an Initiator.

The Informing process is key to healthy relationships between Initiators and people of all types. Informing works both ways too. When you offer your Initiator friend simple information about what you are doing they start to feel valued, relieved and included.

Manifesting the purpose of the Initiator Design
An Initiator starts things, then passes the work to others that want to do it. Their energy is for initiating only. If they are too busy doing things, they can easily miss the most interesting part of their own Design. They are initiated while they are initiating.

Let’s take another look at the Initiator's dense aura which was first described as defensive armor. Conditions and misunderstanding can make an Initiator armored, hard and angry. They are not trying to be impenetrable. Yet, angry or at peace, Initiators do have a protective shell.

As more and more Initiators become aware of how to operate in healthy ways, there is more distinction between defensive armor and a protective shell.

Just like the shell of a seed protects new, potential life inside, the aura of an Initiator protects originality inside.

Informed by natural elements such as moisture, temperature, intensity of light, pressure and activity in the soil, a seed knows when to sprout. Like a seed, an Initiator is informed by natural forces that move them to the action of initiating something original into the world.

Being moved, informing others and initiating action is correct for an Initiator. Their initiating does not come from thinking or intention. They cannot just do what they want, whenever they want. There’s waiting involved even for an Initiator. They do not need human permission, but they do need to be authorized by subtle signals outside of their control that indicate the right time for what they are initiating. There is great peace in their lives when surrendering to the mechanics of their Design.

Anna Murphy is devoted to life-long learning of Human Design through the BG5 Business Institute. She is a Coach, soon to be a Certified BG5 Consultant, an Instructor in Training and an assistant in the BG5 Certification Program. She retired from private practice as a Psychotherapist with 4 decades of experience in the field of Psychology and Alternative Health Education. She is a 2/4 Initiator and recently founded the Initiator Project. For more information you may contact her at