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Commission Payment Schedule

You will be paid Quarterly via PayPay on or before the last day of the following months:

   January - For commissions earned in October, November and December
   April - For commissions earned in January, February and March
   July - For commissions earned in April, May and June
   October - For commissions earned in July, August and September

Commissions will be released when the commission amount reaches $50.00 or more. 
Any commission earned below $50.00 will be rolled over to the next quarterly payment until it reaches $50.00 or more.

Note: An affiliate will not be paid commission for courses until after the third week of the class. In these scenarios the payment will be rolled over to the next quarter. Example: If a Foundation course starts January 20th and was purchased in December, the affiliate will not be paid commission in January because we have to wait until 3 weeks after January 20th to make sure a student does not drop a course. Therefore in this scenario the affiliate would be paid in the April quarter. 

Any outstanding commission (i.e. one that has not yet been paid) is always shown to the affiliate as belonging in the current quarter. For any previous quarter - totals shown represent what was paid out. For the current quarter - total shown represents everything still pending payment. 

If you have any questions about the affiliate program, your affiliate payment, or errors you are experiencing with the affiliate center, please contact Sara at

Affiliate Program Training Video

Affiliate Agreement (for review only)

W-9 Tax Form for those living in the United States only.

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