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Strengths By Type Student Resource Set of 3 - Original Transcripts Ra Uru Hu

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[Transcript Ra Uru Hu - Human Design language] Strengths By Type Student Resource Set of 3

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The BG5 Student Resources Strengths by Type (1-3) ebooks are the original transcripts of the of The Channels Course taught by Ra Uru Hu in Taos, New Mexico April 15-18, 1999, and is the most extensive work on this topic.

This three book package includes lectures on Creative Strengths, Manifesting and Generating Strengths, Projected Strengths.

Including over 30 hours of lectures on all the strengths in the bodygraph, Ra also gives an in-depth view of how each strength adds to the overall nature of the circuit of which it is part. He discusses at length what quality each strength demonstrates about the entire circuit.