BG5 Business Institute

Open House: Social Media Success Blueprint for Human Design & BG5 Professionals

Webinar Topic: Social Media Success Blueprint for Human Design & BG5 Professionals - OPEN HOUSE

Date and time: July 9, 2024 @ 11am PST

Host: Mari Smith

Co-teacher: Mike Brown

Assistant: Vaness Naja

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Are you a BG5 Business Consultant or Human Design Professional struggling to grow your practice and attract more clients? Would you like to discover how to align modern marketing strategies with your unique design to boost your business? If so, come join our Open House on July 9th!

Here’s what you can expect in this lively free webinar with Mari  & Mike:

• How to stay true to yourself and maintain your authentic voice when you put yourself out there and attract attention, ensuring the right clients are drawn to you. (Be the voice that is remembered, not just heard with all the ‘noise’ online).

• How you can begin to integrate proven social media strategies with your genetic strengths using BG5 and Human Design that resonate with your audience. (It’s not as complex as you’d think!)

• How to overcome the challenge of ‘keeping up’ with all the latest trends and technologies while navigating the complexities of social media platforms. (Do you even need to?)

• And much more…

Don't miss this opportunity to explore how you can better empower your social media marketing efforts and drive authentic success!

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