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The Art of Advisor Coaching: Deepening Your BG5 Knowledge and Impact

Free Webinar: "The Art of Advisor Coaching: Deepening Your BG5 Knowledge and Impact"

Presenter: Michael Brown, BG5 teacher

Dive into "The Art of Advisor Coaching," a transformative webinar hosted by Michael Brown, tailored for BG5 Coaching students. This session, aims to deepen your understanding and application of BG5 coaching principles, focusing on Advisor Types, their decision-making styles, and the effective use of Zones and circuit themes. It's a powerful opportunity to enhance your coaching skills through a mix of theory and practical exercises.

The webinar is structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience, emphasizing the development of your BG5 coaching techniques. Michael Brown will share valuable insights into Advisor Types and offer strategies for applying Zones and circuit themes in your practice. The interactive polls and scenario-based learning, alongside a direct Q&A session, are designed to equip you with a robust toolkit to improve your coaching effectiveness. This session is ideal for anyone looking to refine their BG5 coaching capabilities and achieve professional growth.

Michael is starting a new BG5 Foundation Course on March 14th, 2024

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