BG5 Business Institute

Introducing the "Shadows and Solutions" Coaching Technique

Turning Shadows into Solutions with BG5, the Career and Business Application of the Human Design System

Unlock the potential within your clientele with the "Shadows and Solutions" Consulting Mentorship, an advanced program designed for BG5 professionals devoted to elevating their consulting impact. Guided by the expertise of Laveena Archers, this innovative training series is meticulously curated to enrich your consulting toolbox with strategies that reveal and remedy the shadows in your clients' professional lives.

Over ten focused classes, we'll delve deep into the heart of BG5 Business Analysis, gleaning insights into the shadows lurking in your clients' designs and mastering the solutions that can lead them to professional clarity and success. Each class invites you to explore a specific aspect of our shadows and wisdom, enhancing your capacity to facilitate a better bottom line in areas ranging from decision-making to expressing purpose.

Class 1 (Free): February 17, 18:00 UTC - Shadow and Solutions by Type

Learn to discern and discuss the fundamental types within the Human Design system, equipping your clients to navigate their unique shadows toward a more fulfilling professional trajectory.

Class 2: February 24, 18:00 UTC - Willpower Shadow and Solutions

Enhance your understanding of willpower within the professional realm, arming yourself with strategies to support your clients through the shadow aspects of their will and towards a path of empowerment.

Class 3: March 2, 18:00 UTC - Emotional Intelligence Shadow and Solutions

Develop your expertise in navigating the emotional intelligence landscape, ensuring you can assist clients in identifying and overcoming the shadow traits that obscure their decision-making clarity.

Class 4: March 9, 18:00 UTC - Identity & Direction Shadow and Solutions

Deepen your ability to address the shadows that cloud clients' self-identity and direction, offering guidance to align with their authentic professional paths and roles.

Class 5: March 16, 18:00 UTC - Survival Instinct Shadow and Solutions

Explore the primal intelligence of survival instincts in the business context, learning to uncover and address the shadows that affect your clients' resilience and adaptability.

Class 6: March 23, 18:00 UTC - Inspiration Shadow and Solutions

Cultivate methods to help clients maintain inspiration, identifying and overcoming the shadows of losing focus and creative blocks to keep their innovative spirit thriving.

Class 7: March 30, 18:00 UTC - Conceptualization Shadow and Solutions

Probe into the challenges your clients face in bringing ideas to life, offering solutions to clear away the conceptual shadows and assist in realizing their visions.

Class 8: April 6, 18:00 UTC - Energy Resource Shadow and Solutions

Learn to assist clients in managing their energy resources, addressing the shadows that lead to energy mismanagement, burnout, and overwhelm, guiding them to maximize their business potential.

Class 9: April 13, 18:00 UTC - Drive & Stamina Shadow and Solutions

Empower your clients to understand and optimize their drive and stamina, teaching them to recognize and overcome the shadows that sap their long-term endurance.

Class 10: April 20, 18:00 UTC - Communication & Action Shadow and Solutions

Equip your clients with strategies to merge communication with action effectively, illuminating the shadows that impede manifestation and aiding them in fostering decisive and impactful activities.

You’re Invited!

Each class in this mentorship series not only highlights the areas that may be holding your clients back but also empowers you with actionable solutions that you can integrate into your practice. With Laveena Archers' expert guidance, you can elevate your consulting skills to new heights, learning to translate the intricate teachings of the BG5 Business Institute into transformative strategies for your clients.

Experience engaging lectures, participative discussions, and practical applications that ensure a comprehensive understanding of the "Shadows and Solutions" techniques. Designed for certified BG5 consultants and professional students at all levels, this mentorship series promises to significantly enhance your consulting expertise.

By participating in the "Shadows and Solutions" Consulting Mentorship, you're investing in the mastery of skills that will profoundly benefit your clients' professional journeys. With a compelling early bird offer of $499 and a full price of $599, the value you bring to your clients will be manifold.

Join Laveena Archers in this transformative program and commit to being an agent of change in the careers and businesses of those you guide. 

This special program is more than a learning experience—it's an opportunity to become a pivotal force in your clients' professional success stories. Secure your spot now and be prepared to unlock the solutions within each client using our "Shadows and Solutions" at the BG5 Business Institute with our new professional skill development program. 

Designed to contribute the Human Design System's profound wisdom as practical tools and techniques you can immediately apply for a better understanding of the system, enhancing your work and offerings to your clients while improving everyone’s bottom line.