BG5 Business Institute

BG5 Foundation Class 1 with Banu Basaran

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This course is about:

Understanding Yourself

Learn how to apply this profound information in a practical way to empower your own life both personally and professionally. Understand your unique individual gifts and talents as well as how to move beyond the shadows that may be holding you back. 

Understanding Others

Improve your relationships with others through a deep understanding of the unique dynamics that make us different. When we know how we are designed to interact with others, we can remove resistance to create successful interactions and meaningful connections with others.

Interpreting the BG5 Career Design Chart

Learn the nuances of how to understand the different aspects of the BG5 Career Design Chart and the language of BG5 to assist you in understanding yourself and sharing this information with others.

Preparing You for Professional Studies

The BG5 Foundation Course is the required prerequisite to enter our Professional BG5 Consultant Certification Course. This course will give you the foundation knowledge necessary to be successful, if you choose, to eventually utilize this information professionally working with clients.