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BG5 Live - Episode 6, 2023 - Trait 43 - Replay

Trait 43 – Breakthrough

Insight - Listen to Your Own Inner Voice.

Spontaneously transforming inner knowing into a unique insight and perspective that can also mold awareness into a new structure that can benefit others. 

One of the Traits of deafness - Nothing is more difficult for you than to listen to and really hear others as protection from undue influence. 

Insights must first be invited by others to bring the possibility of your new perspective out into the world.

This is the fear of rejection - If you can’t articulate and explain your awareness rationally, you can experience mental anxiety.

It takes fortitude to stand behind and explain insights that may seem freakish and completely outside the norm.

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Credits: Music "Oceans Apart" by Scott Holmes - Hosted by Karen Sherwood