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BG5 Live - Episode 3, 2023- Trait 50 - Replay

Trait 50 – Values

The value of historical continuity whose traditional values serve and enrich the present and future.

Establishing the rules and laws of caring.

Guarding the values, the integrity of the law, and the structures that protect and uphold the well-being of the tribe.

Historical continuity where traditional values service and enrich the present and the future. 

Instinctual awareness to scrutinizes what is corrupt, unjust, unnecessary, self-serving, or needs to be challenged and changed. 

The enforcer and guardian of the laws, you help to establish and maintain what is right or wrong.

Caring for and nurturing every aspect of life within the community.

Fear of Responsibility.

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Credits: Music "Oceans Apart" by Scott Holmes - Hosted by Karen Sherwood