BG5 Business Institute

Unveiling Your Unique Power: Unlock Your Career & Business Working Style

Unveiling Your Unique Power: Unlock Your Career & Business Working Style


Intricacies of energy dynamics in the workplace can be elusive yet profoundly transformative when harnessed correctly. Subsurface interactions can make or break teams, personal satisfaction, and even the way we communicate.

Have you pondered...

  • Why do specific workplaces inspire while others drain you?
  • Why do some teams succeed and others stumble?
  • Why you're energized in one group yet fatigued in another?
  • Why do you instantly click with some colleagues yet face resistance from others?
  • Why do miscommunications abound?
  • And most importantly, what career path will genuinely enrich your life?

The BG5 Career and Business Design system provides a framework to navigate these complexities by introducing four enlightening "maps." These tools empower individuals, entrepreneurs, team leaders, and managers to flourish.

Join us for a transformative session with Laveena Archers, DDP, BG5BI Instructor. She will provide insights into:

  • Your Personal Power Map - Uncover your innate strengths.
  • Partnership Dynamics Map - Enhance your understanding of one-on-one collaborations.
  • Team Dynamics Map - Learn to build stronger, more effective teams.
  • Large Group Dynamics Map - Decode the secrets of successful larger-scale interactions.

Take advantage of this opportunity to dive beneath the surface and unlock the full potential of your career and business with Human Design.