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Empowering the Will for the Material Way

Empowering the Will for the Material Way

The predominant general thematic of my career design is Empowerment next to Sharing. Besides the sub-thematic of Self-Empowerment that is strictly intended to sustain and serve myself, the moment my Empowerment Strengths are being empowered, they’re directed outward to the other in order to exert empowering sharing. As far as I have spontaneously responded to do so.

For me to receive Empowerment from the other in spontaneous response equals receiving an elixir. It is a dynamic process between the broadcaster and the receptor perpetuated and renewed continuously through recognition and spontaneous response. Unless I am being empowered I cannot myself broadcast and share Empowerment for the benefit of others. Which is in terms of my unique career design my brief job description if you will.

This is what’s at the heart of BG5, the career and business application of the Human Design System. It is about each of us individually within the context of our interaction with others in the material world. It is about how to be of service to the other in a way that is precisely attuned to our individual talents, skills and potential, which holds the promise for being materially successful. With material success meaning what is exactly correct for us personally to experience as being materially successful, depending on our unique career design. BG5 is not a one-size-fits-all approach, at all.

According to my career design the essence of my life’s work is about having the drive & stamina for beginning new projects coupled with my generative power to lead to completion what has been started through the expansion of my communicative ability beyond its normal scope. I do so while intuitively assessing and evaluating the progress of my interaction in a competitive way in relation to the business environment, since I am designed to willfully and spontaneously adapt to emerging challenges.

My enrollment in the BG5 Career and Business Training has offered me precisely the Empowerment I need to get in touch with my career design, access my potential, display and share it with the world. I would not be able to broadcast anything of what I am here to broadcast without having been empowered to do so in the first place. As I am here to willfully concretize my material way in response; unconditionally love what I do and do what I love; by entering the BG5 Career and Business Training I received the Empowerment to love my will for the material way and broadcast it for the Empowerment of others.

Alexandra Goulimi is a certified Living Your Design Guide and currently enrolled in the BG5 Foundations course with Laveena Archers. Alexandra’s background is in Human Resources Development. She hold’s a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a PhD. in Communications. Alexandra is an Express Builder with the Life’s Work of Penetration. Her public role is a Pioneer/Messenger.