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Be More Than Just a Number at Work with BG5

Be More Than Just a Number at Work with BG5

As a psychotherapist and student of BG5 Business Institute, I have worked with hundreds of clients in their search for more satisfaction, peace, success, and delight in their lives. Most of my work was based on supporting clients to move away from the limiting beliefs of their minds and into making choices that aligned with their authentic self vs. conditioned self. Most of this work was based on increasing self-awareness in their personal lives and relationships. In this process, I discovered that eighty-five percent of my clients did not believe they had a reliable and trustworthy method for making decisions and expressed feeling lost and confused when it came to making choices.

It was only when I began studying with BG5 Business Institute that I started to attract clients whose most significant challenge was their unhappiness with work. At this time, I started in-depth sessions with my clients to unpack their work histories. What I discovered was an overall dissatisfaction with work for most of my clients coupled with a sense of feeling like they were treated as ‘just a number’ and confusion on how to make a change that could help them feel better.

There are many reasons why people feel unhappy at work. Here are some statistics:

  • Lack of job satisfaction: According to the Gallup survey, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged and enthusiastic about their work.

  • Lack of work-life balance: A survey by the World Health Organization found that poor work-life balance is associated with increased stress and burnout.
  • Recognition and appreciation: According to a study by Glassdoor, employees who reported feeling recognized and appreciated were 12% more likely to be satisfied with their job.
  • Flexible work arrangements: A survey by FlexJobs found that 80% of employees believe a flexible work schedule contributes to their happiness at work.
  • Good relationships with co-workers: A study by TINYpulse found that solid relationships with co-workers are a significant factor in employee happiness, with 84% of respondents citing them as a critical source of job satisfaction.
  • A sense of purpose: According to a survey by Gallup, employees who feel a strong sense of purpose at work are more likely to report higher levels of job satisfaction and engagement.
  • Opportunities for growth and development: A study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that career development opportunities are a significant driver of employee satisfaction and motivation.
  • Work-life balance: A study by PwC found that work-life balance is a significant factor in employee happiness and job satisfaction, with more than two-thirds of respondents citing it as necessary.

Furthermore, here are some statistics related to why people are happy at work:

It’s worth noting that these statistics may vary depending on the industry, company size, and location. Still, they provide a general overview of what factors can contribute to happiness in the workplace.

When my clients speak of job dissatisfaction and work-related stress, it reminds me of a time when I worked as a Retail Manager for a global clothing giant. I distinctly recognized that the brand did not have a system for understanding and utilizing their employee’s strengths, talents, and natural skills. No research or time was invested in getting to know our team of 104, as the entire team was treated as one unit. We also saw a constant staff turnover, with their reason for leaving often cited as “feeling like just a number.” This brand employs about 140,000 people globally. Imagine most of those employees feeling they weren’t being seen. Imagine how costly high turnover is to an organization of any size. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to get to know your team as individuals? This leads me to the question, is it possible to be more than just a number in a business setting or organization?

Then I discovered BG5 Business Institute, and the information answered my question - yes, it is possible to be treated and to feel like more than a number at work. For the last few years, I have been working with teams and helping them to understand their unique BG5 Career Design. I have coached them to recognize their own and each-others natural strengths regarding what they are best at and what needs to be handled by others. We have reviewed, as a team, the correct environment and assessment style that is best for each employee as an individual, which has helped people feel seen and heard precisely for who they are. Getting clear on what you are designed to do can remove stress and improve a sense of comfort at work. I have found that the two major pain points in the work field are doing work you don’t love (and aren’t designed to do) and doing the work in ways that are not correct for you. You can love your work and still find that you are struggling with feeling good doing it. This can relate to how you are managed, your work environment, the Career Design and circuitry of those around you, and more. BG5 gives us the information to interpret and understand what works for each of us and what doesn’t. We’re happiest and the most satisfied when our inherent gifts and talents are expressed uniquely. Understanding this can lift a great weight from our shoulders, especially at work.

Are you ready to be more than a number at work and help others do the same? The BG5 Business Institute, an IACET Accredited Provider, welcomes you to learn about this unique modality, unparalleled in its accuracy. Whether you are ready to learn about your Career Design; looking to empower your team, organization, or business; or interested in a career as a Certified BG5 Consultant, you are invited to join the global community on this extraordinary journey.

BG5BI can help people who are unhappy at work by providing them with the information and tools to improve their job satisfaction and work-life balance. By equipping you with an understanding of your unique BG5 Career Design, the BG5 Business Institute can help you feel more fulfilled and satisfied in your work, leading to increased productivity and overall happiness, peace, satisfaction, success, and delight.

Leanna Mcneil - Mental Advisor | Independent | Pioneer Messenger. Leanna joined the BG5BI team in 2021 as a Social Media and Marketing Advisor. She is here to help people, teams, and organizations spark their true GENIUS and express it into the world effectively and efficiently. It’s an honor for her to build community and brand awareness for BG5BI. Leanna is also a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist in private practice for over a decade and Co-Founder of multiple well-being centers focused on supporting women’s holistic health. The last few years have seen her working on executive teams in the Web3 and blockchain community as a Vision Activator for brands launching with new AI, Tech, and Innovation. Her Life Work is to embody consciousness personally and professionally while supporting others to do the same for satisfaction, delight, peace, and success.