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BG5 16 Success Codes - How Do You Experience Success?

The BG5® System provides an accurate blueprint of how uniquely we are each designed, how we interact with each other and with life. Its main intention is to create awareness so that you can experiment with it, watch to see how it shows up in life for you personally and by observing those around you. It is both the mental awareness and about relaxing and observing what is unfolding in front of your eyes. Once you know this information, it's difficult not to see it everywhere! The BG5 Success Codes is one way to see how each piece fits into a specific context of our lives giving it a focus. 

"We're not here to conform. This is my whole thing. My whole thing is we're not here to conform. We're here to be unique beings. We're here to fulfill our unique potential." ~ Ra Uru Hu

Your Keys to Success

The first six success codes are the 'Keys to Success' since they hold the key to ‘being’ ourselves and knowing how to make decisions that are in our best interest. These success codes are the very foundation and are the codes we come back to time and again as they are what really guide us in our lives. These codes are often delivered as an 'Overview' to help connect people with their body intelligence and their internal guidance system. Even if you only ever follow that, you will end up in the right place with the right people doing what is the best use of your talents and energy.

Your Business Skills

The Business Skills add another layer of understanding about what you bring to the table when working as part of a small team (3-5 people) or a large group. When you dive in and look at these skills and abilities for yourself, you'll find out not only what you can bring to the group but the quality of 'how' you show up and what you add to the dynamics. Once you see what it is you bring, only then can you start to 'let go' of the things that aren't really consistent in your energy that you may have learned to get good at because you thought you had to. You may even be relieved to let go of them since most of the time, you know deep down that you don't really enjoy those things. They can be stressful for you and cause you to spin your wheels or waste time and energy as you get frustrated, bitter or angry whenever you try to do them.

Within what 'isn't you', you'll also find what distracts you and takes your attention away from what is consistently available to you that you can rely on in yourself. These distractions or shadows can have us expend a lot of energy trying to be what we're not - trying to prove ourselves, be certain, be the star, be confused about our role, get inspired by every shiny new object, be afraid to let go and move on, be touchy or nervous, be too much in a hurry or be over-zealous committing ourselves to things we can't deliver on. 

Learning your unique BG5 Success Codes gives you permission to let go of what you've been trying to be, that isn't you, and is only what you thought was 'expected' of you.

Your Life Work Theme

Do you yearn to know what it is you are really here to do? Do you constantly wonder what all this is for? Who am I and what is my life's purpose? If these are questions you ask yourself then understanding the first two areas of the 16 Success Codes will help you gain some insight and connect with who you are. Your Life Work theme will give you insight into what you're here to do - what role you play on this stage called life. What strengths and characteristics do you bring to the role you're playing?

Now, it's one thing to get this information in your mind and try to wrap your head around what it really means and how it shows up in your life. It is truly helpful to have someone else deliver the information to you in a way that can help you take it in. Someone who can listen to you describe what you notice about how this has shown up in your life. That experience of being witnessed is magical and supportive for you to really take it all in and begin to 'live' it.

This is an awareness that builds over time and settles into each and every fibre of your being. It is a process of 'unlearning' everything you thought about yourself that you can now see just isn't true. It can be unsettling to let go of what no longer serves you and it can also feel amazing to find and live as your true self. To give yourself permission to simply 'be' you!

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Shelley Finerty is a Certified BG5 Professional and has 30+ years of experience working in the areas of IT, Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Development along with an avid interest in what makes us human having studied NLP, Leadership, Mindfulness, Yoga, energy work, plant medicine, natural healing methods, trauma and recovery. She now works with the BG5 Business Institute managing Marketing and Innovation.