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Working Together in Awareness of the Mechanics

Looking at how we as humans, connect with each other automatically, like birds and bees, flocking or swarming together, we too have natural attractions to come together for survival. This happens so naturally that we don’t even notice it – it is just part of the fabric of life. It’s just what we do.

“Most human beings have no idea that they're constantly being controlled by trans-auric forms that they have no conscious access to. It's like what happens when you're two people sitting in a restaurant, you're sitting at a table together and you're having that partnership connection to each other, and you're enjoying that and you're connecting with each other. You're both who you are. You both carry your uniqueness. And in that you have certain connections in the way in which you meet each other. The moment that third person sits down, you stop being individuals and you're immediately in a Penta. The conversation changes, what's important changes, what's going on changes, everything changes.” ~Ra Uru Hu

Understanding how you’re affected when you connect with others is a focus of what we teach in BG5. It is all about the interactions we have in partnership, small teams and large groups and the energy dynamics or mechanics that exist – we learn how to read the dynamics and become aware of them. This can help take the sting out of actions that can be perceived as personal attacks when it is really the mechanics between two people’s (or more) designs. It can help us understand why some people or teams just click and are productive so we can capture more of that success.

In any organization, these actions and dynamics are constantly changing as people move about in their day. Understanding what’s happening in real time is like trying to build and airplane in the sky while it’s flying. It takes an analysis of the people involved to understand the mechanics what’s happening. A BG5® or an OC16® Analysis begins with looking at the Alpha leader as all energy flows from the top down in any group. When we work with the leader, we help them see their own energy dynamics, their strengths, what is distracting them and how their energy is flowing (or not) through the organization, and who they need to surround themselves with to create a robust working environment. This is where we can start to make changes that positively impact the rest of the group.

It's helpful for everyone in the group to understand their own unique design and learn how to make decisions that are correct for them and their energy. This builds in healthy work/life boundaries when people learn how to truly listen to and respect their own energy. When they commit their energy to tasks and projects that are truly suited for them, their efforts are easy and not draining, the tasks enliven and rejuvenate them as opposed to burning them out. This is what creates positive energy for the whole organization and makes the work lighter with everyone contributing what they feel best doing.

While anyone can work alone, in partnership, in a small team, in a large organization for a period of time or for the experience, everyone has their ideal way of working that will pull out their full potential and unique contribution. Knowing how you are being affected when you are in a Penta (small group 3-5 people) or a larger group (things really change when there are 16 people together) is eye-opening and can help make sense of both past challenging times and times where everything worked great. Knowing this about yourself makes it easier to be in any group situation while being aware of the dynamics and how they affect you.

When the leader understands how they are affected in each of these situations, they can lead with more awareness pulling out the potential of everyone allowing the organization to thrive and move forward. Though there is no ‘perfect’ organization that completely matches the theory on paper, we work with what we have and who is showing up for the leader. That can be constantly changing as the organization grows so it is about taking time to get to know the people in your organization to understand their goals and aspirations as well as their natural talents, strengths, and gifts and what distracts them and where in the organization they are most likely to thrive.

“If you understand the forces that are at work, any mechanic you can take advantage of. No matter what it is, if you understand the mechanics of something, you can take advantage of it. If you understand the mechanics of Penta, you can take advantage of it.” ~Ra Uru Hu

In a Penta, the building blocks of the larger group, we look for gaps in the energy flow. Where is the team wasting their energy because one of the 12 Business Skills necessary for team success is missing? Where are the team members trying to do work that isn’t suited to them that is causing them to waste their valuable energy? Having the BG5® System provides the tools to see the mechanics of what is happening in the team dynamics and allows for adjusting who is doing what so that people are spending their time and energy doing what they love instead of wearing themselves out.

BG5®|OC16® is an artform that takes some time to master and works with practice and experimenting with it to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s about working with the people of an organization to ensure they are truly connected to their own decision-making strategy and doing what works for each person in the system. There is a level of trust with this system that if everyone is doing what is best for them that the entire system will function most effectively. Where in the past, this may have seemed selfish and not sacrificing yourself for the sake of the group, this is what is changing at this time. It will no longer work to give up yourself for something you ‘think you should be doing’ to meet someone else’s expectations.

This is about building awareness that these mechanics exist and learning how to make the best of them to everyone’s advantage. Using the awareness of these mechanics can help make a small team function better when everyone knows how each team member is designed to contribute to the team, or not. In a partnership, understanding each other’s design can be the key to the partnership working or not. In a large organization, knowing these mechanics exist can be the difference in the organization growing successfully or not. When we can see the mechanics, we no longer fight against them trying to make something work that just isn’t going to work. We can adapt our strategy to ‘what is’, what exists and work with what is there adjusting, tweaking and letting go of forcing to flow with ‘what is’ for the greatest success.

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Shelley Finerty is a Certified BG5 Professional and has 30+ years of experience working in the areas of IT, Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Development along with an avid interest in what makes us human having studied NLP, Leadership, Mindfulness, Yoga, energy work, plant medicine, natural healing methods, trauma and recovery. She now works with the BG5 Business Institute managing Marketing and Innovation.