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Human Design & BG5 - How are these Related?

What is Human Design?

This revolutionary science was developed by Ra Uru Hu, who then embarked on a 25 year journey to refine and experiment with this information, out in the real world, in order to prove its empirical validity. He worked with many in the scientific field who were so impressed by this science that they too incorporated it into their life’s work, and dedicated themselves to validating its accuracy. And most importantly, based on its findings, we now have over 28 years of empirical evidence, and a statistical database gathered through surveying almost 8 million individuals.

Ra was given the understanding of the overall dynamics of greater humanity first which can be seen as repeating patterns of its building blocks of OC16s (groups of 16), Pentas (groups of 5), which are made up of individuals. He realized that individuals would need to first understand themselves and how they operate to be able to see the dynamics of how they are affected by each other in each of these areas. Showing us how to 'wake up' and know what is in our 'nature' and how we've been 'nurtured' and the mechanics that impact us all - this is the foundation of Human Design.

As the popularity of Human Design is on the rise, more and more people are indeed 'waking up' to discover themselves in a very 'real' sense. The Human Design system is an evolution that takes hold one person at a time. Learning about Human Design begins an extraordinary journey in life. The information is vast and deep and can focus on many areas and is the foundation of other related teachings. BG5 is one of those focused areas.

Where does BG5 come in?

Only 4% of the population can be transformed – everyone else needs to make a living. Everyone else has to survive with the level of consciousness they have.

Ra realized that not everyone would want to embark on the deep exploration of self (although it's encouraged) and felt he couldn't abandon the majority of the population who will be greatly affected by the coming shift to the Era of the Individual in 2027 when the world will be a very different place. Humanity has become 'lost in dependency' on the institutions and systems we've created in order to maintain 'control' which homogenized individuals to ensure the systems could work. Those systems serve the collective and not the individual and now is the time for individuals to trust their own capacity for material success independent of these deteriorating systems.

“It means that material capacity. Material potential is something that needs to be understood very deeply in the design of a human being in order to be able to give them the tools that they will need to be able to operate correctly in the future, and be able to bring in the material resources that they’re going to need into their lives." ~Ra Uru Hu

This is the focus of BG5.

BG5 is the practical application of the Human Design system in the context of career and business - showing us how to create material success.

The meaning of BG5 is 'Base Group 5' and like the Lego® Building blocks, forms the basis of all larger structures. From families, to small business, to larger organizations, the foundation is the Penta. Like Legos®, you can build almost anything from having an abundance of penta blocks. 

OC16 is the study of larger groups where there are three Pentas plus a leader (or alpha). The larger the organization, the more OC16s exist. It is the dynamics within and between the Pentas where all the action happens. The lines of communication between these groupings are key. Understanding the individuals that make up the Pentas is even more revealing.

For each of us to understand ourselves first and then how we are impacted in both small groups (pentas) and larger groups (OC16) is the key to understanding how to create material success for ourselves that can carry us into the future. Knowing how we can collaborate with others in different sizes of groups is what the future of work and career is evolving to.

To know what is 'real' for you and what has been 'trained' into you, is the first step. Then realizing what work environments you naturally thrive in and can be supported in will help you find the right type of work that allows you to use your energy in a healthy way and bring more satisfaction, success, peace and delight.

The BG5® Success Codes system provides an analysis that can bring you the most profound shifts in trusting and understanding yourself in a way that was not previously possible. While there are several other assessment tools available, none provide the accuracy and depth of the BG5® System and the science behind it has been proven over the past 28 years. But don't take our word for it, Ra himself encouraged everyone to not believe what he had to say about it and to experiment for yourself.

Shelley Finerty is a Certified BG5 Professional and has 30+ years of experience working in the areas of IT, Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Development. She has an avid interest in what makes us human having studied NLP, Leadership, Mindfulness, Yoga, energy work, plant medicine, natural healing methods, trauma and recovery. She now works with the BG5 Business Institute managing Marketing and Innovation.