BG5 Business Institute

Discovering I'm an Evaluator allows for Loving Myself

Ever since I was a child, I know that I am different from other kids. My mother said that I was quite gentle but naughty. In the process of raising me, she felt that I was constantly changing and never  the same. I was easily manipulated and agreed with other people. I realized I am regretting what I’d just said or done so often. It’s hard for me to refuse requests from other people. I wanted to fit into the large group, but couldn't adapt well. I felt that I was different from others but didn't know why how I want to be “the same” back at that time.

Who am I? What do I really want? Where am I going? Am I worthy of love?

These were questions I struggled with throughout my life. 

In 2008, I was 30 years old and at the age of Saturn's return, I began to explore my spirituality and used various new-era tools for the journey of awareness. I learn and realize that I don’t need to go with others’ decisions. That’s the first time I can be unique. There are so many experiences from daily life but still no answers to “Who I am”.

  • Am I always comparing myself to others and trying to measure up?
  • Do I avoid difficult situations and fail to address critical issues?
  • Why do I always feel anxious when I don't know the answer and want to be certain?

Time flies and I realized that I was a Reflector (Evaluator in BG5 terms) in 2018. For the first time, there was a system that was so clear for me with the discretions of my life. In the Human Design community in Taiwan, I met many people who gave me guidance, and I was invited by the instructor from the BG5 Business Institute. On this journey, I was so excited about this information and slowly understand all the things in my life. It’s all happening for a reason but unexpected. Life just unfolded itself naturally.

I am me, it never changes. What is inside of me will guide me to liberate myself by being who I am. This is the truth and wisdom from all my undefined of being an Evaluator.

I just had to accept myself and I experienced love.

So, I am here for sharing all of this with you.

Tina Kuan

Authority/Pioneer Evaluator

BG5 Certified Professional Consultant and Instructor(t).

My Life Work theme of Tension reflects how I am here to help others 'fine tune' the strings of their instrument (their design) so that they experience the correct tension in their life to allow them to fulfill their potential. As an Evaluator, I can see where others are out of alignment and can help challenge them to 'retune' their life.