BG5 Business Institute

Discovering I'm an Express Builder Proves Pivotal to my Career

She didn’t know me. I showed up on her calendar unannounced. We lived half a world apart and she had not met me before this moment.

A few months earlier, some people in an online group I belonged to had started talking about Human Design. It sounded familiar so I went into my files looking for notes from a networking call I had a couple years before. There it was. My Human Design type and a few very brief notes.

This time the information engaged my curiosity. And I started reading everything I could find online about it. But it felt like a pile of random pieces of information. I couldn’t put that information together in a way that felt like me. 

After a few months I decided to pay for a reading. There was one woman whose blog posts resonated with me. I made the appointment using her online scheduling link and waited excitedly for the big day.

So here I was on the call – a complete stranger to her – and yet, as she spoke and told me about my design, I felt more seen than ever before in my life. But it wasn’t that she was seeing me in that moment, full of frustration and doubt, feeling confused, having just put my coaching business on hold because I was uncertain if it was the right thing for me.

No. She saw an empowering version of me. She saw the powerful problem solver who could initiate people into changes that would improve their lives. She saw my sensitive heart, how I deeply care for people, and how I can imagine what it is like to be in their shoes.

She saw the me that I always hoped I could be. I left the call with tears in my eyes.

My husband asked me how the call went. I said, “This is the me I want to be, but I don’t know how to get there.”

I knew I needed someone to show me the way. So even though it felt like a big stretch, and even though I had made different personal development purchases in the past that didn’t give me the results I wanted, I invested in coaching with her.

I learned so much in our sessions! I understood myself so much better!

The most pivotal piece of information was how I am meant to operate as an Express Builder type.

Career had been a mix of confusion and frustration for me. The idea that as an Express Builder I am meant to do what I love to do was so contrary to how I was living. I identified as a “good girl” which for me meant I did whatever I was told no matter how I felt about it. Is it any wonder I was so frustrated?!

After the months of coaching, I knew more about myself, but I still wasn’t confident returning to my coaching business. I had had some unpleasant job experiences early in my career and I was carrying around the confusion created by them. That confusion created uncertainty every time I tried to move forward.

I don’t remember how I found the BG5 Business Institute but immediately when I heard of it, I knew this was what I was looking for. So much of my angst in life was around my career and money. And here was an organization focused on applying the system I had fallen in love with to the topic I felt I needed the most help with!

A new certification class was starting within days of me finding the Institute and I signed up for the free trial of the first class. I was sold in the first 5 minutes!

Within the first semester I found the answers to the career questions I had been dragging with me for 30 years! It was such a relief.

I also realized that BG5 was the foundation that I felt was missing from my coaching business. I was looking for a structure to form the foundation of my coaching and human design offers a deep, detailed, nuanced base for what I offer my clients.

In my first semester of my first certification course, I reopened my coaching business. I love coaching and knowing that as an Express Builder I am meant to do what I love helped reassure me that I was in the right business.

I also find reassurance in understanding how to grow my business.

Before I found the BG5® System, I would listen to the advice of marketing experts and, without questioning it, would do what they said. I would work hard and power through the implementation no matter how bad it felt to me. But I was often met with disappointing results that made me worry I wasn’t cut out to be in business.

Now when I listen to the marketing experts, I know if their advice is likely to work for me based on my design. I also note how I am responding to it or how I feel about it. If the idea fills me with dread or simply feels like “nope, not for me,” I can trust that feeling and release the idea. What a relief to be free of the self-judgment and worry that used to show up when my marketing wasn’t working!

Since applying what I learned in my BG5 classes, I have seen rapid growth in my business. And because I understand my design, I feel fully satisfied and deeply confident in my career for the first time. And I’ve used the BG5® System to create the same results for my clients.

It has been a journey, from my first introduction, through my first reading, and now onto certification as a BG5 Consultant and Profit Potential Coach. All the answers weren’t found right away but the layers of understanding have unfolded over time and continue to as I learn and experience more.

Stacy Rowan started her career as a chemical engineer and project manager working in research & development. She left engineering to work from home while her children were young. Stacy’s desire to find work she loved led to her studying personal development and working with numerous coaches before becoming a coach herself over 10 years ago. Stacy started using the BG5® System in her coaching practice in 2020 and is currently completing her BG5 Consultant and Profit Potential Coaching certifications and assisting in the Profit Potential course. She works mainly with entrepreneurs providing them with practical solutions on how to use their unique design to create their Custom Built Life (