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One Initiator’s Path to Being a BG5 Consultant

Finding Out I'm an Initiator

When you get your Career Type in the BG5 system, it also gives you key indicators for being off track and on track - signposts to show if you’re in alignment with your true nature, or out of alignment.

When a friend first told me about Human Design, she calculated my type.

“I knew it !” she said. “You’re a Manifestor!” (An Initiator, in BG5 terminology).

“This isn't me,” I thought, reading a little about it.

Yet, actually it was. 

And as I thought and read about it more, the sense grew that I hadn’t been living like this, except at a few key moments.

The Insights Start to Come

The time I did this, and that time I did that…when things worked out well and just flowed. 

That’s when I was living what I was reading.

Yet I was mostly angry as I learned more about my Career Design. 

Why? It was me, but it wasn’t me. It brought up years of feeling misunderstood and projected onto, and showed me where I’d brought that onto myself by not living up to my potential.

Yeah, it made me angry.

And guess what the key indicator is, for an Initiator being out of alignment?

Yup, anger.

That simple insight came later, though. The anger arose mostly unconsciously at first.

Moved by this emotion and what it was telling me, I kept looking up different aspects of my Career Design. I read things over and over. I paid for a small subscription here and there to get snippets of extra information.

It was all very frustrating. After all, part of my Career Design is wanting to get into the details. To know it so well I can explain it to someone else, from multiple angles if needed.

I got to a point where I was semi-obsessed, but wasn’t getting any further.

It became clear that I either needed to find a way to study it formally, or just drop it entirely.

Well, I couldn’t drop it.

After some proper investigation, I discovered there’s a whole branch of Human Design dedicated to bringing it into the business world. The BG5 Business Institute - the career and business application of Human Design.

So I got my second free chart and a short report. It gave me a different angle on things, and opened up the idea of using it in a very practical way. Also in my Design: offering practical solutions.

I asked for an overview session from a newly certified consultant and definitely wanted more after that..

So, to invest in a few sessions with a consultant? Or go further and invest in learning the whole system myself? This energy moved me forward.

Overthinking, Shadows and Distractions

To pursue the BG5 route, the next step would be taking two semesters of a Foundation Course, learning the basics of the system. 

What did I have to lose? I really wanted to study it. The money wasn’t exactly lying around, but I could do it. This would give me that foundation and teach me about my own Career Design, even if I didn’t take it further.

Yet, like so many times before, when the path was clearly lined up, offering perfect timing and opportunity, I procrastinated.

What was happening? Well, my head got in the way. Self-doubt got in the way. Fear got in the way. So I procrastinated and sought approval or reassurance from others that I wasn’t making a mistake. Even though I was never going to listen to anyone but myself.

All these things show as strong shadows and patterns in my Design. 

Even though I was being moved by this clear force, driving me toward becoming a BG5 Consultant, I somehow thought my decision-making lay elsewhere. I needed some kind of sign.

And then the world went into lockdown because of Covid-19. More time at home, the perfect time to start an online course….

Validation and alignment with what we already know

Nine months earlier, I’d been moved by a similar ‘knowing’ that was much easier to follow.

Living in a tiny rural town in British Columbia, I was often occupied on Sundays doing a kind of volunteer work. On a rare Sunday I was available, I saw that there an even rarer workshop happening at a yoga studio - a kind of movement/ discovery workshop that sounded interesting. 

It was maybe $25, and looked fun. It was an easy choice and yet had the same kind of energy behind it as wanting to do the Foundation Course. “I’m doing this” kind of energy, that feels very clear and has a momentum behind it. A push.

This is the kind of energy my type is designed to follow and see what happens.

Who did I meet at that workshop? The woman who told me about Human Design.

What happens when you live in alignment? And do you know what that looks like?

Andy Rogers is an Emotional Initiator and a Certified BG5® Career & Business Consultant.

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