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The Times, They are a Changing

The Times We Are In

We are in a major evolutionary shift that we can see all around us right now. The systems we’ve established over hundreds of years are starting to change as we are evolving. We’ve experienced global tremors in the past few years starting with COVID and the great resignation. We can see this now but the real impact won’t be felt or reflected upon for many generations to come. We’ll eventually look back and realize, 2020 was the start of something new – something we can’t quite see the results of yet. 

We’ve been in an era focused on ‘planning and control’ that helped us build the infrastructure we’ve all become dependent on to survive. We have all participated in the ‘bargains’ that have held things together for so long. “I’ll do this work for you and in return, you pay me ‘x’ and give me benefits, time off with family etc.” These bargaining negotiations have been going on for centuries with individuals having to fight for what they need while businesses fight to manage their bottom line.

That’s all changing and we’re watching it play out globally. COVID was the ‘shock’ that rocked the world and affected everyone on the planet. It was a wake-up call for the final seven-year cycle of an era that is completing. We are now about to enter the ‘Era of the Individual’.

It is not surprising as we are seeing this play out everywhere. We’ve each had time to ourselves for the first time, maybe ever, to really get to know who we are and what we really want in our lives, and what we don’t want. It’s clear, we don’t want the stress of commuting, the stress of trying to balance our work life with our real life. We want more flexibility in how, where and when we do our work, what kind of work we are really interested in. These are all the signs of the new era of focus on the Individual.

It is most important in these times that we really get to know ourselves and what we really want. Who are we really and what are we here to contribute? How do we know what we really want? This can be a struggle to figure out especially since most of us have been ‘conditioned’ to believe what we ‘should’ want and it is often not in line with who we are and what we deeply know we want.

2027 – Era of the Individual

We have but five short years before this Era of Planning and its constructs will no longer find energetic support to continue. Many institutions and large organizations may struggle to continue and see a gradual falling away, downsizing to be more efficient as individuals become more self-reliant. It will be imperative in these coming times that we each understand not only what we are here to contribute but ‘how’ we can best interact in new configurations of partnerships, small teams and large groupings – collaborating with others, combining our strengths, gifts and talents. By knowing what we value and what we feel pulled towards, how we resonate with companies and their mission and vision, or not will help us determine our path forward.

The Purpose of BG5

BG5 is here for this important time in history, to help each of us align with the truth of who we are. It is a system that can introduce us to our ‘authenticity’ and help us shake off the conditioning we’ve gathered throughout our lives from well-meaning parents, family, friends and society as a whole.

The BG5 Business Institute is here right now to help individuals and leaders learn the mechanics of what happens when we bring our individual uniqueness to a partnership, small team or organization. Individually, we may possess great skill or ability but until we can be of service to others, those gifts don’t get utilized leaving us feeling unfulfilled. When you know what your life purpose is and how your gifts are utilized with other people, you can be more aware of how to find the most fulfilling work.

For leaders and managers, first knowing yourself and your own gifts and talents and what you can best leave to others is a great starting point. What distracts you and pulls you away from your talents? What are the things that are best left delegated to your people? Who do you delegate what to? Understanding the designs of your team can help you know with confidence that you’ve got the right people doing the best work for everyone’s greatest fulfillment.

Satisfied employees have more energy, are sick less often, are at lower risk of burnout and are a more positive influence on the forward motion and growth of your business. It’s in your best interest to find out who your team members really are and how they can best serve your organization.

Over the next several newsletters, we’ll take a closer look at how each of the BG5 Career Types operate and how they contribute so stay tuned to see your own type identified. Learn how your energy is best utilized in your career for greater satisfaction, success, peace and delight in your own life.

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Shelley Finerty is a Certified BG5 Professional and has 30+ years of experience working in the areas of IT, Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Development along with an avid interest in what makes us human having studied NLP, Leadership, Mindfulness, Yoga, energy work, plant medicine, natural healing methods, trauma and recovery. She now works with the BG5 Business Institute managing Marketing and Innovation.