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Leadership - Why One Size Does Not Fit All with Annick Klein

How BG5 knowledge supports and boosts your individual career path.

People talk about leadership, self leadership and the correct mindset for a successful personal career but who defines what a good career is, what success means? Who is a good leader and should everyone aim at becoming a leader?
Not only are we living in changing times and in a more and more complex business world, we also see in social media, financially successful people. Is this true?

What are you striving for? Do you know your resources and skills? What is your uniqueness? And how can you be your best version – as a person and for your career?

With this webinar we will discover the variety of business and leadership aspects and see how you best operate in the (business) world.

Aligning with your true self, understanding yourself and understanding & connecting with others will not only make your professional life easier, it may make your entire life more fulfilling.