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BG5 Live - Episode 169 - Trait 4 and 29

Trait 4 – Formulation
The energy to beguile and succeed despite ignorance.
Freedom from retribution.
An answer, a formula, is only a potential.
Youthful Folly - Logic Protects us From Misfortune.
You have the ability to formulate logical answers when you have enough information.
Each answer, each formula, is only a potential that must eventually be tested and substantiated by facts.
Mental awareness to judge what looks suspicious or does not fit the pattern.

Trait 29 – Perseverance
Saying “YES” and committing your energy to a new experience.
The Abysmal - Energy to Persevere Despite Circumstance.
The deep within the deep.
Persistence despite difficulties has its inevitable rewards.
Discovery does not lie in the commitment but in the process.
It is best to wait until you are quite clear that you will have the energy to invest over the long haul.
It is important to let go of any expectations as you cannot know where your commitment will take you.

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