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BG5 Live - Episode 164- Trait 53 & 62

Trait 53 – Beginnings
Development - Transition and Change
The fuel needed to begin something new.
Development - Transition and Change.
Initiating a cycle whose time has come, and being able to see it flower, ripen and leave its seeds for the future.
Your role in life is to provide the impetus to get the cycle moving.
Development as a structured progression that is both steadfast and enduring.
The intensity to start something one moment will fall away in the next - Wait for clarity.
The format fuel for cycles.

Trait 62 - Detail
Preponderance of the Small - Manifestation Through Detail – The Voice of “I Think”
Caution, patience and detail produce excellence out of limitation.
The fixing of names is the foundation of Humanity and for sharing the Human experience.
The knack for organizing details in order to better understand and explain complex concepts or situations.
Logical expression that can help make concepts tangible so that they can be repeated, tested, validated or disproven, by others.
Wait to be asked to speak – this will increase the potential receptivity to what you are sharing and help avoid just blurting out facts that no one is interested in.

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