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BG5 Live - Episode 154 - Trait 2.1

Trait 2 – The Driver
The Receptive – Direction of Self
Like the key of a vehicle - it starts the engine for the driver.
Holding us in the illusion of our separateness.
Receptivity as the primal base through which any response is determined, the root of action.
A visionary providing the plan for a new way forward, but you are not necessarily to do the work yourself.
The motor and the fuel to keep moving in your direction come from associations with others.
The need for allies to manifest the power and resources to bring a vision to fruition.
Simply aligning to your own direction automatically empowers a sense of direction in others.

Quality 1 – Intuition (Authority)
Sensitivity to disharmony and atrophy.

Elevation: Higher knowing through aesthetics. The importance of aesthetics whether inborn or acquired.

Challenge: The urge for action that will ignore the wisdom of the Higher Self. The assertion of ego in spite of wisdom.

Michael Palin
Actor & Comedian
Trait 2.1 Core Essence
Your Life Work Theme is Direction: You are an influential confidante who combines aesthetics with a deep resonance to humanity’s material needs; maintaining continuity with the past while mutating the Collective’s material direction.

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