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BG5 Live - Episode 153 - Trait 27.5 and 24

Trait 27 – Nourishment
Caring - Care for Oneself First
The compassion and the energy to care for the weak, the sick and the young.
A tremendous potential for altruism.
Role is to nourish and nurture through the power of compassion; you care.
You must also be nourished and nurtured yourself.
May lack the instinct and values to set healthy boundaries and easily end up sacrificing yourself.
You must care for yourself first in order to have the energy and resources to care for others
Nourishment or nurturing given without awareness is a waste of precious resources.

Quality 5 – The Executor (Messenger)
The ability to distribute effectively the resources of others.

Elevation: The power and strength to care for the resources of others. Either the gifted and principled agent of distribution or the good sense and ability to find one.

Challenge: Weakness and the risk of loss of power restrict caring. A restrictive nature that hampers distribution or the seeking of advice and assistance.

Ulysses S Grant
US President
Trait 27.5 Core Essence

Your Life Work Theme is the Unexpected: You are naturally initiated by the unexpected toward a whole new series of experiences which ultimately nourish and expand your intelligence.

Trait 24 – Rationalization
The Return - Inspiration Must be Given a Rational Form

The ability to take unique inspiration and convert it into a rational concept that can eventually be communicated to others.
Rationalizing is a risk and a test of the Spirit since there is no proof or experience, only knowing.
Returning to the same idea or thought over and over again and reviewing it until it can be understood.
One moment the knowing is not there, and the next moment it is.
The fear of ignorance - the mental anxiety that you will never know for certain or that you won’t be able to explain your knowing.

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