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BG5 Live - Episode 152 - Trait 3.4

Trait 3 – Ordering
Difficulty at the Beginning
The ability to transcend confusion and establish order so that something new and potentially viable can take hold.
Individual expression and unique knowing that through example changes others.
Mutation that is Generated & Empowered
Operates in an on-off creative pulse where the potential for something new is neither logical nor experiential.
You cannot predict, control, or rush the moment. It has its own timing.
Patience is needed to accept the occasional bursts of energy, and the limited releases of potential.
You may experience melancholy when you feel that nothing is happening.

Quality 4 – Charisma (Influencer)
Innate quality which attracts valued guidance.

Elevation: A psychic energy which attracts nourishment and ensures ordering. Physic attunement that magnetizes nurturing.

Challenge: Confused energy that needs nourishment but is generally rejected. The demands of ego lead to rejection.

Miranda Kerr
Australian Model & Businesswoman
Trait 3.4 - Core Essence

Your Life Work Theme is Laws. You approach the ways we create, shape and change our laws and values like an art. Our laws determine how we deal with each other and bring order to society.

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