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BG5 Live - Episode 151 - Trait 42.3

Trait 42 – Growth
Increase - The 'Grail' is the Experience
The expansion of the resources which maximize the development of full potential.
Completing a cycle is the heart of growth.
The tenacity to stay with a cycle in order to maximize its inherent potential.
Each cycle builds on the lessons learned from the prior cycle.
Before you can begin a new cycle, you must determine what is needed to bring it to a natural conclusion.
What was left unfinished, or incomplete will have to be revisited in the new cycle.
It is very difficult for you to extract yourself once you have committed to a cycle – so enter correctly.

Quality 3 – Trial and Error (Pioneer)
In times of increase, mistakes are a natural part of the process.

Elevation: The power to accept mistakes as part of growth. The energy and assertion to turn mistakes into advantages.

Challenge: Mistakes give power to moodiness and caution. A moodiness, that in error may succumb to brooding and unnecessary caution.

Samuel Beckett
Trait 42.3 Core Essence
Your Life Work Theme is Material World: You are a trendsetter grounded in properly evaluated detail who promotes growth by bringing one cycle to completion, thus setting the stage for inspired new beginnings.

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