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BG5 Live - Episode 150 - Trait 51.1

Trait 51 – Initiation
Shock - Arousing Empowers the Direction of Love
The ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation.
The competitive power and drive to leap into the void first.
The perfection of the warrior ego through instinctive adaptation.
Transforming normal patterns into a symmetrical adaptation that rides the shock and to avoid devastation.
Competitiveness of Being First
Daring and having the Gall
Shock and Awakening

Quality 1 – Reference (Authority)
The advantage of previous crisis experience.

Elevation: The power of the ego conditioned by experience. The gift of re-examination that is the foundation of preparedness.

Challenge: The weakness of the ego in times of challenge. A tendency to emotional withdrawal after a shock.

Ram Dass
Spiritual Teacher
Trait 51.1 - Core Essence

Your Life Work Theme is Penetration: You catch us off guard and get our attention with your penetrating intuitive insights; ideas which can shock, shift or mutate our perceptions.

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