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BG5 Live - Episode 146 - Trait 22.2

Trait 22 – Openness
Grace - Sharing Spirit with Others
A quality of behavior best suited in handling mundane and trivial situations.
The emotional spirit conditions how receptive others will be to mutation.
A good listener, with a grace for handling social situations that is charmingly attractive.
When your mood changes, however, a dramatically different and sometimes antisocial side of you may emerge.
Refine your timing and learn to release your truth precisely when society is ready for it.
Honor your moods and spend time with your creative muse when not in the mood.
You can empower and impact others towards change.

Quality 2 – Charm school (Natural)
The belief that style can mask nature.

Elevation: The possibility to attract others with an emotional style. The ability to successfully delude oneself and others.

Challenge: Where the style is energized at the expense of awareness. The legalization of form over substance.

Bobby Fisher
Chess Player
Trait 22.2 Core Essence

Your Life Work Theme is Rulership: You have a natural sense of position and rule with a grace for listening, and your greatest responsibility is to educate those in your kingdom. You are healthiest when you have someone or something to rule.
Your Life Work Theme is Spirit: You seek and find both spirit and great pleasure in life through creativity, good food and sexual companionship.

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