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BG5 Live - Episode 145 - Trait 37.6 and Trait 63

Trait 37 – Family/Friends
Ready to Embrace the Outsider
The power to hold a family, business, group or community together with warmth, friendliness and a nurturing nature.
Making an emotional connection with others and welcoming newcomers into the community.
A mutually agreed upon bargain is important.
Seeking loyalty and looking for a promise of loyalty in return.
Transpersonal expression of the potential sensitivity of revolution – the ratcheting tribal wave.
Creating a social environment centered around food & gathering and preparing of it for the group.

Quality 6 – Purpose (Leader)
The energy to maintain the family is enhanced by recognizing its values.

Elevation: The possibility of extending friendships through the appreciation of its value. The gift of not only recognizing the inner meaning of the family but an appreciation for its values.

Challenge: The need for diversity that despite appreciation will prefer casual friendships. A need for diversity that may ignore the achievements of the family in favor of withdrawal.

Ron Howard
Film Maker & Actor
Trait 37.6 Core Essence
Your Life Work Theme is Migration: When the unifying project or experience is complete, you look for greener pastures to conquer the next territory/experience; the roots of progress.

Trait 63 – Doubt
The future is dependent upon establishing with certainty the validity of a pattern.
The fuel to question - Doubt is an Essential Inspiration.
After Completion - In the spiral of life, all ends are beginnings.
The mind will doubt what it is seeing until you can reconcile any inconsistencies or weakness in the logic or patterns.
Doubt and suspicion are important aspect of the logical process.
Finding the reliable patterns that can move us into the future.
Doubt should be directed out into the world vs doubting yourself which leads to mental anxiety.

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