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BG5 Live - Episode 144 - Trait 55.5

Trait 55 – Spirit
Abundance - The Quality of Spirit is in the Emotional Now
Abundance is strictly a question of spirit.
Is the cup half empty or half full?
At any given point, Spirit is not a matter of comparison but just the wonder that the cup (life) exists at all.
The biggest fear is emotional emptiness or a lack of passion in your work and life.
You can be passionate or melancholic, artistic and/or romantic.
It is important that you honor your moods, as this is how you tap into your creative potential.
Your most creative time is when you feel deeply melancholic.

Quality 5 – Growth (Messenger)

Elevation: The emotional strength and spirit derived from positions of power. The unusual ability in a position of power to accept advice and transform it innovatively. This gift in a position of power allows one to continue to lead rather than being perceived as being led.

Challenge: An emotional openness where the spirit is at risk from conditioning. An integrative openness that in its broad acceptance of advice may be eventually eclipsed.

Dakota Fanning
Trait 55.5 Core Essence

Your Life Work Theme is Spirit: You seek and find both spirit and great pleasure in life through creativity, good food and sexual companionship.

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