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A Change Is Coming... by Linda Brandwijk

A change is coming…

We live in extraordinary times. Things are changing. Fast. We can’t deny it, but we also don’t understand it. It feels alienating. We have never experienced this before in our lives and it triggers our fears, because we instinctively know “the old normal” is not coming back. To me it sometimes feels like a slumbering doom, alternated with a curious longing for what is to come.

In order to make sense of what’s going on, I have looked at information from different experts, as well as Ra Uru Hu’s explanation of the change that is upon us in 2027. In this article I will take you through my thoughts and observations. Please understand that this is not THE truth. It is up to you to experience what feels good and makes sense to you.

Current times

We currently live in an intermediate period, a vacuum. How we used to live our lives isn’t there anymore, but the “new normal” isn’t clear either. We are looking for a way to make sense of the changes that occur in order to live our lives in a peaceful way. Most of us like to know where we stand and where we are going, but what’s predominant at the moment is uncertainty.

Part of this uncertainty has its origin in the increasing imbalance in our society. The gap between rich and poor is growing and the power and wealth of tech companies has grown beyond the power of national governments. Bob de Wit, Professor at Nijenrode University,  calls these tech companies “Corporate States”. Also the human factor, or labor, is becoming less and less important due to the rise of technological developments. Robots take over our jobs and the tension between capital and labor is building fast, which is enforced by globalization.

Jobs that have always been taken for granted are no longer evident. In fact, young people are being trained for jobs that may soon be gone. It feels like we are at the mercy of technological, impersonal forces that could take away our income at the touch of a button. Unlike a democracy, there is no "feedback mechanism" built in these “Corporate States”. All they want is to make money, no matter what. They even determine what we are allowed to post, or read on social media and what is considered “fake news” and gets censored.  All of this makes the scale turn to one side, makes the tension rise generating chaos, uncertainty and revolution.

Background frequency is changing

To understand why this is occurring at this moment in time, we have to understand our current Era that started in 1615. We have lived in the Era of Planning for over 400 years now. Over the past centuries we have seen colonial expansion, World War I and II, birth of telephone, television and internet and the Industrial Era, with all kinds of different skills/expertise we need to acquire. We also have increasingly started organizing and arranging everything. Think of organizing work in ever-growing companies and multinationals. Science. Religion. Health Care. Education. Technology. Governments. Law enforcement. And so on. Labor was needed to build all of this, so we needed bargains: “You will work for us and in return you will receive a social/ financial reward”. Our entire civilization has been developed in this background frequency based on bargain agreements.

We may think that the bargain is an eternal bargain. Currently we know no better than to be continuously directed by our institutions. In a sense we have been conditioned, homogenized and a dependency has arisen, where we take it for granted that we actually have no real control over anything. Institutions think for us. We are loyal to the agreements we have made with each other.

The background frequency of the Era we currently live in is all about “Community:  and “We take care of you”. To understand this on a deeper level you have to understand how the conditioning force of a system (civilization) works. We are born in this background frequency and were raised by institutions that teach us “how to behave” and “be a good citizen”. That’s the goal and underlying agenda of the system we currently live in. No one is allowed to go outside the bounds – no one. There are rules and regulations based on logic, science, research etc. to make sure everyone stays within the mechanism. It’s easy for all of us to get pulled into the logic of “this is the right thing to do” because the assumption within the system is that logic leads to truth. However, you can lie with logic in order to enforce and control the way in which everyone is going to see things. Think of propaganda. All news media bringing the same message, talking with the same voice. Over and over and over and over again.

However, we are moving towards a new Era that starts in 2027: The Era of The Individual. The frequency that created the infrastructure holding everything together that supports our modern society is going away and will be replaced by something new. We are already beginning to notice that influence: We are in a transitioning phase.

Since last year we all are thrown back on ourselves due to the pandemic. We aren’t allowed to function as a community. We need to distance ourselves from each other and aren’t able to move freely or even work when you own a barber shop, restaurant, pub and so on. We don’t know what’s happening to us! Many people experience their dependence on social contacts and activities; as distraction from personal troubles, to kill time, or for having fun. Other people experience they love being alone, which may have even surprised themselves, feeling like a release from social pressure. One way or the other, we are all impacted and it makes us realize what’s important to us.

In the midst of all this we have growing polarity and opposing forces. On the one hand you see people that blindly believe in institutions, governments, rules and regulations (“trusting the system”) and on the other hand you see people that reject all of that and are really critical (“distrusting they system”), the so called “conspiracy theorists”. It looks like we see extremes arise that at the same time try to find a balance in a changing reality through convincing (“attacking”) each other with opinions. And then there is a group of people who are tossed about by arguments from both sides, leaving them in despair and confusion.

Tight grip

Everything that benefits from “the current way of doing things” wants to stay. Institutions, communities, governments etc. that feel they are losing control are reinforcing their grip on society which may feel like an overkill of control, restrictions and regulations triggering the polarity of opposing forces.

As humanity we have an unconscious, ingrained fear (of survival), we are vulnerable and can be easily influenced in this area. That’s what I see happening right now. We are bombarded with information that breeds fear and at the same time indicates that if you follow certain rules you will be safe. For years and years this is how it worked and most of us were not aware of it, until now…
Our current systems don’t like individuality and are not interested in inspiration or rebellion. They don’t want you to make waves, but just do as you are told. Nevertheless the tight communal grip is loosing it’s influence. Slowly but surely.

Where our current Era is all about Community, our new Era is all about Individuality. A big difference! The theme of the upcoming Era is “You can take care of yourself” which means that we will live from the inside out, instead of living from the outside in (being taking care of). This requires a deep connection with our inner truth and who we are, instead of relying on people and institutions in our outside world. This is at odds with the conformity, all being the same, homogenized cookie cutter goal our current systems are striving for.  

The transition to something new

The glue that holds our current systems together is going to disappear and we will start organize everything we know in a different way. The good news in the transition to the new Era is that the logical influence of the Era of Planning is going away. The logical grip on humanity: “you can lie with logic in order to enforce and control way in which everyone is going to see things”, has created corruption all over the world. This is going away and will be replaced by self-control and empowerment. This change will be apparent in three areas:

1.    Nature: conditions for behavior or survival/ how to act in the world (Nature)
2.    Pattern: patterns and rhythms of humanity
3.    Leadership: the types of leaders needed in an Era

1.    The Era’s Nature, our behavior

In the Era of Planning the conditions for behavior or survival are all about logical focus and a balanced and responsible approach to problem solving. How I see it show up in the world is that we have lots of detailed (and unnecessary) rules, regulations and interference from governments. Science also examines all the details of different subjects and brings us a logical understanding of how things work.

In the Era of the Individual these conditions will shift to individual power and knowing when enough is enough. What I foresee is that we will have less interference from institutions, from a place of common sense we will only have necessary rules and regulations. Everything else we can organize as individuals in collaboration from our true authentic being and unique talents. We will probably see more local initiatives and ways of organizing things.

I already notice it for myself. As an entrepreneur I collaborate more and more with other entrepreneurs. We create content, advice and business propositions that we cannot offer on our own, using each other’s unique talents, gifts and experience. At the same time we don’t create a new organization, but we connect when needed from our own companies, which allows us to respond very flexible to the ever-changing demand of the market. It feels like I already have a choice to work with kindred spirits and people that I resonate with and I can’t even imagine anymore working in a large organization with colleagues that you have to work with, whether you like them or not.  

2.    The Era’s Pattern

In the Era of Planning the patterns and rhythms are all about delusion, false enthusiasm and the tendency to express fantasy as fact. How I see it show up in the world are the countless social media accounts where influencers show their “rich and fabulous life”, Hollywood movies and their “spotless” actors and actresses, endless skills that you can learn to get skinnier, more attractive (no wrinkles allowed), happier, richer etc.

In the Era of the Individual these patterns will shift to wisdom and contemplation which results in the ability to apply understanding. What I foresee is that we will enjoy documentaries about real life, based on embracing life the way it is because we are perfect the way we are authentically. We also may use social media as a tool for recognition and awareness in the now and empower others with our words, or actions. I already see a trend on social media where celebrities show “real life” pictures with no make-up, filters or other adjustments. Or disabled people that show their imperfections, capabilities and strengths.

3.    The Era’s Leadership

In the Era of Planning leadership is all about the ability to transcend the boredom of routine through a rich and daring fantasy life. In our current world I see leadership that goes hand in hand with wealth. There are “leaders” who are blindly followed because of their wealth, without any proven knowledge or experience. This can be really dangerous when it comes to, for example, our health decisions! I also notice, as I mentioned above, the influence of social media personalities that impact lots of (young) people just by “showing off” their looks and wealth, sponsored by companies that want to sell their products via contracts with these influencers.   

In the Era of the Individual leadership will shift to the energy to attract support for beginnings based on the success of the past. What I foresee is that success will be defined in a whole different way. More experience and authenticity based. The leaders will have proven skills, talents and abilities that benefit the collective. In alternative media I already see people that are influential because of their passion for and knowledge of a specific topic and who are able to attract lots of followers, because they know what they are talking about from an authentic place.     

Awareness guides us through this Transition

But we aren’t there yet. We are in the last 7 year cycle up to 2027, we are in the transitioning phase right now. In my opinion what we can do in these current uncertain times is watching the movie without getting caught up in a collective depression. Change brings resistance. But we cannot escape what’s coming. Surrender and awareness bring flow. Although we don't have a crystal ball to see what the new era will exactly look like I feel the tight grip we experience right now is a sign that things are definitely changing. But it takes time to let go of 400+ years of doing things in a certain way that was beneficial to lots of systems and their wealthy leaders. History teaches us that in these crucial moments of change people arise that try to take advantage of the crisis. Fortunately none of those people in our history ever succeeded in taking full power or control.  

Because the background frequency is already changing you may find yourself having a different perspective on what’s going on. Things that in the past made perfectly sense to you suddenly don’t  make sense at all. As if everything that was hidden behind the organized logical way of doing things suddenly gets revealed and you see the cracks in the logic and with that you see the world through a completely different lens. Wait a minute… why… how…?!? At the same time other people around you may continue “sleeping”, or are not willing or able to see the beauty of the inevitable change. That’s okay.   

Being awake and aware about the way we have been controlled and manipulated comes with a shock and triggers anxiety and insecurity. At the same time this awareness is THE KEY to navigate through these times that may feel like a swamp filled with quicksand. If you are aware you are able to see what’s happening and can feel if it makes sense to you, or not. Logical thinking as an individual always wins!

These changing times will bring forward challenges, but also lots of opportunities! What gives me hope is that the Era’s Direction of Humanity shifts from “growth through expansion” to “the power of the ego to meet challenges alone and not succumb to the panic”. To me this feels like a shift from globalization, plastic pollution and monopolies to more customization on local levels, when it comes to collaboration, taking care of our health, producing food etc. This will also provide opportunities to create organizations and institutions from a place of trust instead of fear.    

Furthermore the Era’s Expression of Humanity will shift from “detailed attention to a process” to “only intuition can make the best out of a difficult situation”, which to me feels like a shift from trusting science, details and logic to trusting our intuition and ourselves. Interesting changes, don’t you think?

It’s all about YOU

In other words: It will be up to YOU in the upcoming times. The influence of the bargain and community will fade. This current transitioning phase gives us the opportunity to feel and sense what is beneficial to us, what we like to experience in our lives and what not. To make choices. As ourselves. Not influenced by what others tell us to think or feel. We have to understand we all are unique, with unique talents and gifts and that we have everything it takes to endure this transitioning phase.

We can use our uniqueness to shine our light upon others and the world. Creating connections from a place of autonomy and personal leadership. You are You and I am Me and in our own unique ways we bring light. Lots of different lights together create one beam of light. The more aligned you are with your own uniqueness and frequency, the more you attract the right people and opportunities.

Be aware, see the magic of life unfolding and remember: It’s in these particular times that we all have our unique place to live out our individual purpose. You are here for a reason.
As Sam Cooke sang years ago: “It’s been a long. A long time comin’, but I know. A change gon’ come. Oh, yes it will.”

Linda Brandwijk

BG5 Consultant and BG5 Foundation Course Instructor