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Unlocking the Power of Large Group Dynamics

Unlocking the Power of Large Group Dynamics

by Josette Lamont

Imagine stepping onto a campus of a private primary and high school, with 80 administrative members and over six thousand students. There is an under-current of tension felt in the air. Now, two years later after three years of implementing the OC16 System knowledge, benefits are still unfolding and the school is expanding. Things are looking up and the impact is felt in every single adult, child and parent in the school.

As an OC16 Consultant, I was able to make a massive difference for this private primary and high school by understanding how to organize and engineer the team dynamics. Now think of the impact of a business, NGO, non-profit or even a government entity being able to have a reliable flow of communication throughout the organization, removing predictable tensions and tapping into the true potential, skills and strengths of each individual. 

That is what OC16 is all about.

Understanding the Core of Group Dynamic

Group dynamics are a powerful underlying force that controls much of our lives in one way or another.  We are always interacting and connecting with others both personally and professionally – whether it be our family, groups of friends, co-workers, community organizations, etc. Let’s explore how the fundamentals of group dynamics affect you personally and how you can apply those dynamics to making a difference for yourself, or in your business, with your clients, or in your community.

The Foundation of Group Dynamics

BG5 Consultants become skilled at learning how small teams of 3-5 individuals operate.  BG5 stands for “Base Group 5” and is the natural fundamental building block of any business, group, or organization – large or small.Networking in a large group.

To illustrate how these dynamics naturally operate, I invite you to try an experiment…

  • Attend any large group function – it can be a networking event, a wedding, a community gathering, a birthday party, etc.
  • Notice that the group naturally divides into smaller groups of 3-5 people, partnerships of two people or individuals standing alone – when everyone’s attention is not focused on a presenter or the cutting of the wedding cake.
  • Continue to observe closely.
  • Watch a group of 5 and notice how they naturally divide into two smaller groups when a new person enters the group or how someone will naturally step away and move on.
  • Notice how the groups of people may change – but each group will constantly morph into small groups of 3-5 people, partnerships of two people, or individuals standing alone. Rarely will a group of 5 or more stay together for long.

Now notice for yourself…

  • How do you feel when you are standing there on your own?
  • How do you feel when you are talking with someone one-on-one?
  • How do you feel when you are in a small group of 3-5 people?
  • How do you feel in a larger group or crowd?

This simple experiment was extremely eye opening for me the first time I did it!  I found it deeply fascinating to watch as the natural mechanics unfolded.  Now I see it all the time – at every event I attend and with every group and business I work with. Both BG5 and OC16 Consultants learn to utilize these natural underlying mechanics to consciously organize large and small groups into the smaller units to help the business or organization operate more effectively and efficiently. The way you feel in these different group configurations can indicate whether you are ideally designed to work in a larger group or not.  Knowing which work environment you are best suited for can be the difference between success and struggle.

What is OC16?

OC16 is a powerful system that allows a consultant to literally see the underlying chemistry and mechanics of large group dynamics.  Whether it be a growing business, a school classroom or a community organization, the way we operate in a group setting can be seen by examining how each person’s individual design fits into the whole.

Like fitting together pieces of a puzzle, an OC16 Consultant has the ability to bring awareness to how each person’s potential can be maximized and how communication can be easily directed throughout the organization. OC16 is the base group of any large organization.  OC stands for “Organizing Channels.”  These are both strengths and communication channels within the organization. These form the foundational hierarchical structure and the key management positions that exist in any large group.

By looking at the unique career design of each individual within the organization, a consultant can engineer powerful OC16 teams by grouping individuals into three dynamic smaller base groups of 3-5 individuals. The consultant will also identify the ideal “Alpha” or leader. Three groups of 5, plus the Alpha equals 16 individuals.  Thus, the name OC16 – The Organizing Channels of 16 Individuals.

When done correctly these designed groupings increase the flow of communication, dissolve natural tensions and create a natural, healthy enriching competition between groups. The larger the organization – the more OC16 groupings or departments can be created as the organization grows.

There is No End to Hierarchy

As much as you may or may not enjoy or trust hierarchies, there is no getting around them.  It is built into the mechanics of how we as human beings organize ourselves in groups.  However, when you understand these mechanics and how they operate, you can start to become aware of where you (as well as each person in the organization) can be the most satisfied, successful and fulfilled when working within a group setting.

How You Can Use this Information to Make a Difference Personally

Curious how these dynamics affect you personally? 

I recommend a BG5 Career Design Overview or Analysis with a Certified BG5 Consultant to find which environment will allow you to thrive! 


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