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Look before you leap into a New Year! 5 Stages to enter into a New Year Correctly

Look before you leap into a New Year!
5 Stages to enter into a New Year Correctly

December 26, 2020
By Nathalie Keijzer

2020 has been an "extra-ordinary" year to say the least. If you told anyone at the beginning of last year that 2020 would be year of worldwide lockdowns they would have said you were nuts!

Despite all the "Dis-Ease" that 2020 has brought us, there is one gift that these worldwide measures have brought us and that is being able to deeply connect back into our true selves.

When you come to think of it, with 2020 we entered into the last 7 year cycle preparing us for the new era of the Individual in 2027. Ra Uru Hu had shared that it would be a rocky ride:

"The system is breaking down not because there is something wrong with the system; its time is coming to an end. It just is. These are unusual times; we get to live on the cusp of a great change in the way in which the world works.

And any time in the history of humanity that you come to these cusp points, there are all kinds of disarray that arises all around it. It’s a change. There is a deep and profound mutative force that is at work on this planet.

So let’s leave the blame game behind, and let’s enter into what is the only thing that will allow us to survive in the next cycle—the honoring of individual authority, follow your decision-making strategy, operate correctly within yourself and you will live as you should in this life.

That is the point.

There is no one you can depend on. There is no one you can rely on. And truly, there is no one you can trust but yourself. And when you’re correct and you’re operating correctly that trust in yourself is your armor for this life. It will protect you; it will guide you because it’s precisely what you are here for."

Social Distancing brought us back into our own space and frequency. It helped us detox from the conditioning force of society and get back in touch with our true authentic self. It helped us ground back into our armor for this life, our body awareness that will protect us, our body intelligence that will guide us through our Decision-Making Strategy. This is the only thing that we can trust and rely on preparing us to operate correctly as ourselves to be able to enter into this new era of the Individual in 2027 with ease. 

Start 2021 off right - WAIT

So with that here’s my recommendation for starting 2021 off right – WAIT.  
If you are set on making New Year’s Resolutions this year – wait another few weeks.


Because we are not truly complete with the old year and ready to start the NEW Year until January 21st, 2021. Yes, according to the Gregorian calendar December 31st marks the end of 2020, however there is an interesting phenomenon if we look at where the yearly cycle truly begins energetically. This “NEW” year actually begins on January 21st. Just like nature, there is an innate flow and rhythm to beginnings, middles and ends. BG5 gets us in tune with our own unique rhythms and helps us align to the flow of life on this planet to be more successful in our personal and professional lives.

The beginning of each year is a time of completion, wrapping up and ending the previous year before shifting gears towards the future.

You know the feeling of having all of these grand aspirations January 1st for a better life, yet within a week you already are playing catch-up and falling begin in accomplishing your goals? It is no surprise. When we are dealing with cycles – a cycle must be fully complete with its lessons learned and the old released for the new to have a fertile soil from which to grow.

Setting intentions, goals and resolutions before you have fully completed the cycle simply brings in more of the old same-old, same-old disappointment, frustration, bitterness and anger into our future.

What if you simply WAITED? Instead of chasing down goals and making mental resolutions, what if you allowed yourself the time to fully complete the last year and the last decade before moving forward?

What if you simply WAITED for inspiration to move you forward surprising with delight; waited to respond to what excites you; waited for the proper recognition and invitation; waited to be moved into action through your emotional clarity, instinctive knowing or your willful determination?

So how should we spend these next few weeks? How can we fully complete the past cycle to clear the way for an exciting new decade?

There are Five Stages of Completion to support you in fully letting go to powerfully step into this new upcoming cycle while you are waiting….

Christmas - Joy and Driving Desire for Correction

Where the pressure starts is actually on Christmas Day, December 25th. It is a time of great delight, a time to celebrate with our loved ones. Deriving pleasure in sharing your appreciation of beauty, your sense of wonder and your zest for living.

Underneath however there is a pressure that fuels corrective awareness a focus of your vitality and joy for life on correcting anything that keeps society from achieving and maintaining well-being and health. You may find yourself in an heightened sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo, suggesting potential changes in the way things are done. There may even be a joy in confronting established patterns, traditional ways of doing things, which others may find either disturbing or refreshing. This is the pressure of a driving desire to contribute something of value to humanity moving into the future.

Stage 1 – Tension - Why?

The energy on New Year’s Eve brings tension instead of completion. On December 31st the energy isn’t about celebrating and looking ahead. The energy is there to look back and see what worked and didn’t work. Did you find purpose? Did you find your spirit? Was the past year fulfilling? New Year’s Eve is the start of this first Stage of Tension.

Can you see why January 1st is not the best time to set new year’s resolutions? Often, we make our resolutions mentally based on the regrets of the past to force an outcome for the future.

Waiting, contemplating and being honest with ourselves of what did and did not work is the key. Don’t make yourself wrong – just notice and accept. Allow yourself to be with the tension and pressure you may feel inside and just allow it to be without acting on it. This will help you start to get in tune with your “WHY”. Why are you here? Why you get out of bed each morning to live in a way that adds meaning and purpose to your life as a true expression of your spirit. Where do you find purpose? How do you express the spirit of who you are in the world?

Stage 2 – Ambition - Who?

Once we have our “Why,” the next thing to examine is the “WHO.”

Tuesday January 5th is the start of the 2nd Stage. This this the time to examine who is in your life. Who are my best allies? Who brings out my best? Who can I work with, trust, rely on? Our lives revolve and are shaped by those we allow into our lives. We don’t live alone. Ubuntu – “A person is a person through other persons.” (Desmond Tutu). The people that have been there for you are keys to your ambition and transformation, the foundation for a new beginning.

While examining the past also be aware of….

  • Who you respond to?
  • Who recognizes you?
  • Who invites you into new opportunities and possibilities?
  • Who do you impact?
  • Who impacts you?
  • Who is healthy for you?
  • Who is NOT healthy for you?

We constantly being conditioned by those around us. Are you being conditioned in healthy or unhealthy ways in your personal life, in your job and career, with your friends and family?

Is there someone in your life that has a toxic effect on your well-being preventing you from your “WHY” of fulfilling your purpose and expressing your spirit?

Who in your life supports you being you and helps you move beyond the obstacles to rise up to fulfill your ambitions?

These are the key questions to examine during this period as you wait.

Stage 3 – Assessment - What?

True inspiration will arrive Sunday, January 10th. This is the time to look inward and assess “WHAT?”. WHAT is your own inner truth? WHAT is your own inner knowing? This is Inspiration grounded in facts and details of what’s possible. This is a time to transcend the boredom of routine and fantasize about the possibilities – but it is not a time to take action. Remember WAIT.

Follow your decision-making process based on your body intelligence – this will be the indication of when and how to move forward, and the key to unlock your true potential. But this is a stage to assess, not act. We are often in such a hurry to move forward that we don’t give ourselves time to reflect. It is time to put everything into perspective, your purpose and spirit, the people that were there for you and that were not, and your power to realize your potential.

This is simply a time to reflect, imagine and be inspired… What moves you forward? What inspires you? What do you love to do? What potential possibilities are right around the corner? What does the world need that your gifts and talents can provide?

Stage 4 – Letting go - How?

We are now getting closer! So, “HOW” do you prepare yourself to finally take that first step into the new year free and clear of the past? By letting go!

To give yourself what you need, you need to clear your mind of limitations. Saturday January 16th we enter into the fourth and final stage of completing the yearly cycle.

Letting go of your monkey mind that holds you back and makes you feel insecure, letting go of the past, letting go of what didn’t work and not only that but ready to take a step forward and transcend your limitations. The moment you can accept limitations they no longer exist. Your monkey mind plays games and distorts things, keeping you uncomfortable in your life. If you can accept the limitation of who you are, you also get to see the brilliance of being you.

The final step of completion is simply letting go!

Stage 5 - Beginning a New Cycle - When?

“WHEN” is the timing right to start the new year?

  • When you have taken the time to examine WHY you are here. Getting in touch with why you get out of bed each morning to live in a way that adds meaning and purpose to your life as a true expression of your spirit.
  • When you know WHO are the important players in your life. Those individuals that uplift you, inspire you, cheer you on and support you even when your down.
  • When you have assessed WHAT inspires you, moves you forward and excites you.
  • When you realize the HOW of moving forward unencumbered is simply letting go of the past and that which no longer serves you.
  • This is WHEN you are finally complete and ready to step into the new experiential cycle with a clean slate on Thursday January 21, 2021.

Thus “Look before you leap on New Year’s Eve”

Don’t be fooled into setting your New Year’s Resolutions just yet – if at all.

Give yourself time and peace of mind to let the natural process unfold. WAIT. Enter into this new decade with great courage and confidence. Let go of the past and fully step into a bright new future knowing yourself, your allies, your purpose, your passion, your limitations, your gifts, your talents and the wonder of simply being YOU!

Wishing all of you Peace, Success, Satisfaction and Delightful Surprises for the New Year.

May 2021 be the year of grounding in your NEW self!