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4 Maps Unveiling Hidden Dynamics in the Workplace

4 Maps Unveiling the Hidden Dynamics to Empower Your Career & Business

The Energy dynamics of the workplace is a fascinating thing to understand. What happens below the surface when we collaborate with others is something illusive and for many, personal fulfillment remains an everlasting search. 

Have you ever wondered… 

  • Why some work environments feel comfortable and others feel really off? 
  • Why some teams thrive and others falter?
  • Why you experience an energy drain being on one team, whereas on others you feel great?
  • Why you feel a click with one person and a resistance to others?
  • Why there is so much miscommunication?
  • And last but not least, what career will truly fulfills you?

In BG5 we can see and understand the dynamics in the Workplace by looking at different “maps.” A BG5 Career & Business Consultant uses 4 different maps to support individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and managers to thrive. 

Join Nathalie Keijzer, BG5 Consultant Instructor at the BG5 Business Institute, giving you a sneak peak below the surface into: 

  1. The Map for tapping into your personal power. 
  2. The Map to understand partnership dynamics.
  3. The Map to understand team dynamics.
  4. The Map to understand large group dynamics.

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