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BG5 Consultant Student Resource Manual 1 - Original Transcripts Ra Uru Hu

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Student Resource BG5 Certification Manual 1 - Transcript of Ra Uru Hu's original teaching. Available to students enrolled in BG5 Certification Semester 3.

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The Student Resource BG5 Certification Manuals (1-3) are transcripts of Ra Uru Hu’s original teaching and presentation of BG5 in 2007. The original work has been modified and expanded into the basis of the training and education taught today.

These original transcripts are made available as further source information for a full understanding of BG5 from the beginning to current day.

Note: Ra's original presentation of BG5 does not correspond to the current layout of the 3 semesters in the BG5 Consultant Certification Course. Therefore these Student Resources Manual are only available to students enrolled in Semester 3 of the BG5 Certification Program.