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BG5 Consultant License (incl. acknowledgement letter to purchase BG5 Consultant Software)

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Available to students enrolled in BG5 Consultant Certification Program Semester 2 or 3. This product is the BG5 Consultant License $750. Upon purchasing the License you'll receive your letter of acknowledgement from the BG5 Business Institute to purchase the BG5 MMI Software from Jovian Archive $599.

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Both the BG5 Consultant License and Software are REQUIRED to complete your official certification and available to student enrolled in the second semester of the BG5 Consultant Certification Program. 

The BG5 Consultant License gives you permission to use this copy-written material with your clients. This product is the BG5 Consultant License $750.

The BG5 Consultant MMI Software you purchase directly from Jovian Archive, price $599, with submission of the acknowledgement letter by the BG5 Business Institute. This letter of acknowledgement will be emailed to you by our office administrator within approx. 24 hours after the purchase of the BG5 Consultant License.

This letter acknowledges your enrollment in the BG5 Consultant Certification Course Semester 2 or higher and the purchase of the BG5 Consultant License.

The BG5 Consultant MMI Software is required to be purchased by the beginning of semester 3 to perform your final project.

Once you have completed the BG5 Consultant Certification Course you will be notified and receive your official BG5 Career & Business Consultant Certificate and a professional listing on the BG5 Business Institute website.


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