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32 Nodal Environments Student Manual

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[Transcript Ra Uru Hu - Human Design language] 32 Nodal Environments - *Available to students enrolled in BG5 Career and Business Cycles Semester 1 or BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Semester 4

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The Nodal Environment represents the ‘horizontal’ movement of the Cross of Life, the polarity that represents the ‘vertical’ consciousness stream. It is explained how each of the 32 Nodal polarities provide the background and set the stage for what we encounter in the environment of our life process.

A three-part introduction is included gives insight into the potential for anyone to fulfill their purpose. This 89 page book is source material as delivered by Ra Uru Hu.

(NOTE: Identical transcript as the IHDS ebook "Scenes From The Cross Of Life: The Nodal Environments")