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BG5 Life Work Student Reference Book 2 - Form - Original Transcripts Ra Uru Hu (Incarnation Crosses by Profile)

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[Transcript Ra Uru Hu - Human Design language] BG5 Life Work Source Material 2 - Purpose fulfilled through Form. *Available to students enrolled in BG5 Consultant Certification Semester 2 or higher.

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The BG5 Life Work Source Material ebooks (1-4) are the original transcirpts of Ra Uru Hu teachings of Incarnation Crosses by Profile in Ibiza, October 2003. This four-volume, 1,223 page encyclopedia of Life Work and Public Roles provides one of the most comprehensive explorations of the Life Work themes. 

Ra discusses the three Life Work themes in each Trait breaking it down into the nuances of the 12 Public Roles. The beauty of this course is how Ra takes us through each evolutionary step, He describes and explains how the qualities of each Trait provide building blocks for humanity’s development and maturation process. Each Life Work, and Public Role is a necessary aspect of the world we live in, as society progresses in its evolutionary journey.

Book 2 discusses the Life Work themes in the second quarter where purpose is fulfilled through Form, Traits 2 - 33 on the Mandala Wheel.