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BG5 Career Charts and Reports

The entry point to discover your BG5 Career Design is to get your Free Chart. Your BG5 Chart reveals the basic components of your Career Design. The three steps below are a great way to begin your understanding.

  1. Run your Free BG5 Career Chart to see your Career Design.
  2. Order your Free BG5 Career Design Short Report. The Short Report gives you additional critical information about yourself.
  3. Purchase BG5 Success Code Map
  4. Purchase the very popular and comprehensive BG5 Career Success Code Complete Report.

Free BG5 Career Design Chart Service
Free BG5 Career Design Chart Service
Meet yourself

Create as many Free Career Charts as you like, for yourself, family or friends. With the Free Chart you'll receive keynotes for your Career Type, Public Role, Assimilation, Decision Making, Personal Interaction, Life Theme and Life Work Name.

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Free Human Design Short Report
Free BG5 Career Design Short Report
Personalized Introduction

The Free Short Report is a great personalized introduction to your Career Design and The BG5 System. Enjoy a brief overview of yourCareer Type, Personal Interaction, Decision-Making Strategy, Key Indicators and Assimilation. You'll also find additional next step information.

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BG5 Success Code Map
BG5 Success Code Map
Your Personal Data

The BG5 Career Success Code Map provides the data for your Success Codes 1 through 16. It is from this list that your BG5 Consultant will be able to guide and explain your Career Design. Included in this Map is a next step resource guide and an upgrade coupon should you want to learn more and purchase an online report.

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Your BG5 Career Success Code Complete Report
Your BG5 Career Success Code Complete Report
User Manual for Your Life

This Report covers all 16 Success Codes, and provides you with the tools to understand your unique Career Design, and fully utilize the specific gifts, talents and attributes you are here to share with the world. Learn where and how you are best designed to be successful.

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