I am new to BG5™. What do I do now?

If you are new to BG5™ we suggest you first visit our Newcomer page where you can find out more about BG5™. The next step is to have an analysis by a licensed BG5™ professional. This is an important step because you will be given a deeper, synthesized introduction to your career design so that you can begin to embrace it, integrate it and live it. To find a BG5™ consultant, you can browse the consultant listings.

I just had a BG5™ Career Analysis or Overview, how can I learn more?
I am interested in a Career as a BG5™ Consultant. How do I get started?

A career as a BG5™ Consultant offers you the opportunity to work with and share this with others. Please visit Curriculum for more information on the BG5™ Certification curriculum.

How do I use an online classroom?

Classes and Lectures are taught using an online virtual classroom. Communication is established between the teacher and the students by means of:

  • Speaking: teachers and students have the chance to speak one at a time, and everyone participating will listen in through their computer’s speaker. A microphone is needed to participate.
  • Writing: participants can send public instant messages that will be viewed by everyone, or a private instant message to a single user that is not viewed by everyone.
  • Viewing: Watching slides, videos and notations/demonstrations that the teacher adds during class