The BG5™ Career & Business Certification Program

A. The BG5™ Career & Business System Consultant Training Program
The BG5™ Career & Business System offers a unique and highly specialized methodology for career and business development. Working with individuals, businesses, groups and corporations, students train as business consultants, coaches and engineers to provide new possibilities, approaches and perspectives to the business community.
B. The Objective of the BG5™ Career & Business System Consultant Training Program
To provide students with the understanding, tools and practice necessary to provide expert and professional guidance for employees, managers, businesses, and groups. And to support students in establishing and promoting their own practice in a way that’s materially and personally fulfilling and successful.

BG5™ Foundation Course – The Fundamentals of the BG5™ Success Code
Purpose: Understanding the full spectrum of specific information available for use in Analysis. (The equivalent of the IHDS Foundation Courses).

BG5™ Consultant Certification – BG5™ Career & Business System Consultant Training
Purpose: Understanding the techniques, tools and language of Career and Business Analysis.

OC16™ Consultant Certification
Purpose: Understanding the dynamics and engineering of Large Group Organizations.

C. How the BG5™ Career & Business System Consultant Training is Taught
The system is taught online over an extended period of time that supports students in integrating, observing, mastering, and demonstrating a variety of skills and approaches to business analysis and consulting.

Students will work with a variety of instruction methods including:

  • Live online classes in a virtual classroom
    (downloadable recordings provided following each class for review)
  • Online study groups
  • Audio recordings for self study
  • Manuals for self study (multiple manuals for each year of training)
  • Resource materials and tools for working with business clients
  • Interface with instructors and other students through an online forum
  • Unique and proprietary software providing precise tools for analysis

D. Assessment of Training Objectives and Certification
Throughout the training there will be:

  • Regular participation in class discussion
  • Regular homework assignments
  • Research study projects between semesters
  • Demonstration through audio recordings of sample analysis and coaching sessions with clients
  • Final Certification Project

While we understand that there are instances when it will be necessary to miss a class or two, students are required to attend at least 85% of all live classes and study groups. Homework assignments are expected on-time, unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor. And class participation and practice, as well as practice outside of class is strongly encouraged.

E. The Costs of BG5™ Career & Business System Consultant Training
BG5™ Foundation
Instruction costs per semester:

  • Semester 1 cost: $675.00 (early enrollment $625.00)
  • Semester 2 cost: $675.00 (early enrollment $625.00)
  • Material costs: Materials provided

BG5™ Consultant Certification
Instruction costs per semester:

  • Semester 1 cost: $1400.00 (early enrollment $1200)
  • Semester 2 cost: $1400.00 (early enrollment $1200)
  • Semester 3 cost: $1400.00 (early enrollment $1200)
  • Material costs:
    • Manuals $75.00
    • Software/License $1500.00

OC16™ Consultant Certification (optional)

  • Instruction costs per semester: TBA
  • Material costs:
    • Manuals TBA

F. The Full Scope of the BG5™ Career & Business System Consultant Training Program:

BG5™ Foundation – The Fundamentals

The goal of the BG5™ Foundation Course is to develop the knowledge and techniques to help your clients recognize and utilize their unique individual gifts and talents in their careers and their lives. We’re in an era of individual self-empowerment, and many of the traditional methods of career coaching, and business consulting are outdated and no longer work. The BG5™ Foundation Course prepares you, and gives you language and tools needed for the careers and businesses of today.

The BG5™ Career & Business System method is specific to each individual, and defines a variety of key areas that serve the individual in search of a career, and businesses in search of the perfect employees and executive staff to fit their needs. We call this method the BG5™ Success Code, and the BG5™ Foundation Course will focus on how individuals can work with their personal Success Code in the business world.

Your goal in this first course is to create a solid foundation on which to build your ability in the BG5™ Consultant Certification to offer career and business analysis. (BG5™ Foundation Course is the equivalent of the IHDS Foundation Courses).

Semester 1 – Personal Operating Style

Each of us has a specific way that we operate, as individuals and when interacting with others in the business world, that is reflected in our Personal Operating Style.

During Semester 1 we’ll begin to uncover the components that make up this style:

  • Career Type (how do we express our gifts in the business world)
  • Personal Interaction Strategy (how do we best interact with others)
  • Decision Making Strategy (what is our best decision making tool)
  • Assimilation (how do we process information)
  • The Nine Functions (which functions define our consistent strengths)
  • Shadows & Distractions (where are we taken off track)

Semester 2 – Creativity Operating Style

Our businesses and careers are the result of our creative gifts, and each of us has unique contributions to bring to the world.

During Semester 2 we’ll discover the nuances of how to empower and validate these gifts in order to create and find work experiences that will be satisfying and fulfilling. The areas that we’ll explore, as well as practice synthesizing, are:

  • General Thematics (are we focused on Empowerment, Sharing or Support)
  • Strengths and Contributions (what are the gifts that we bring to the world)
  • Characteristics and Qualities (what is our unique expression of these gifts)
  • Public Role (how do we express and manifest our purpose in interaction with others)

BG5™ Consultant Certification

The goal and emphasis of the BG5™ Consultant Certification training is on analysis, synthesis, and presentation. We’ll combine the foundation material from the BG5™ Foundation Course with the actual methodologies you’ll use with your clients, as well as explore the interactions and dynamics of Unified Group Analysis (more than 2 people). Upon completion of the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, resources, and experience needed, to work effectively with your clients to guide and support them in their individual careers and businesses. The prerequisite to join the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course is either the the BG5™ Foundation Course or the IHDS Foundation Courses, ABC and Cartography.

Semester 1 – Comparative 1 – Fundamentals and Simple Analysis

During Semester 1 we’ll explore the fundamentals of how to deliver a Comparative Analysis to your client. We begin with the Career Overview, a high-level overview session to identify the work environment that your client is best suited for, how to present him or herself, and interact, in a business setting.

The skills and tools we’ll develop in Semester 1 are:

  • Foundations Review (The Keynotes of the BG5™ Success Code)
  • Fundamentals of Comparative Analysis (A review of the different types of analysis/coaching/consulting you can offer to your clients)
  • Keynotes: Career Type, Personal Interaction, Decision Making Strategy (the how)
  • Keynotes: Environments (the where)
  • Small Business and Group Intro
  • Large Business and Group Intro
  • Career Overview (how we present a synthesized Success Code overview

Semester 2 – Comparative 2 – Advanced Analysis

During Semester 2 we’ll explore and synthesize more detailed aspects of the Success Code as we learn to provide a full Career Analysis session. In addition, we’ll learn the methodology of Alpha One Analysis for those clients that are managing groups, and running businesses. And we’ll learn the dynamics of Partnership Analysis.

Advanced skills that will be developed in Semester 2 are:

  • Comparative Analysis Methods (advanced Success Code Keynotes and methods of presentation)
  • Keynotes: Profile and Lifework (the specifics of our unique talents and gifts)
  • Keynotes: Shadows and Distractions (incorporating our Shadow into our work)
  • Alpha One Analysis (components, methodology and presentation)
  • Partnership Analysis (components, methodology and presentation)

Semester 3 – Unified Group Analysis

During Semester 3 we’ll delve into the detail of Unified Group Analysis, learning the fundamentals of how and why businesses succeed or fail, and what we can do to save them. You’ll learn how to identify the problems, and how to consult with your client to help them achieve their goals of a functioning and successful business.

  • Fundamentals of Unified Groups (group dynamics)
  • Unified Group Analysis Intro (methodologies)
  • Gap Analysis (uncovering the dysfunction)
  • Attributes (specific talents in the group)
  • Group Engineering (organizing the group for success)
  • Triggering (potential problems areas)
  • Unified Group Analysis (synthesis and presentation)
  • Large Business Engineering Introduction

Track 3 – OC16™ Consultant Certification 

We’ll study the dynamics of Large Group (more than 5 people) engineering methodologies that you’ll use with your clients, as well as explore the interactions and dynamics of Unified Groups in this environment. Upon the completion of the OC16™ Consultant Certification Course, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, resources, and experience needed to work effectively with your clients to guide and support them in the management and engineering of a successful Large Organization structure. The prerequisite to join the OC16™ Consultant Certification Course is completion of the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course. Further details on this program will be posted soon.

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